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Fireteam Go 0

Yet another FPS and yet another Socom Navy Seals title. Like most of the others you get a headphone and microphone combo included when you purchase the game. This is a big plus when you are playing online(wireless broadband connection needed). The mode can be switched between FPS(First Person Shooter) and TPS (Third person shooter). TPS being the more dominant. Your a Navy Seals officer also know as Sandman. Your thrown into the game with another team member to help you. The AI controlled frien...

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Massive! 0

Excuse the pun but the title sums up Mass Effect into one word, although not perfect the BioWare game is simply amazing. The first time I loaded up the game I sat through the company logos and etc. I was then hit with the epic soundtrack and the opening menu "Press Start", so I did. Once into the main menu and the Start A New Career page, from here the(excusing the pun) Massiveness begins, you character can be customized from class, appearance, gender etc. You've then the choice on how to use yo...

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