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GOTY 2017

Some would say that 2017 is an amazing year for video games. I would agree. However, I noticed that while a lot of amazing games came out this year I actually didn't play that many. Though the ones that I did play, I played ALOT. Typically I don't put more than 40 to 50 hours into game, but this year there have been multiple games that I played for 80+ hours. Still at least three of these games I didn't finish and one that has capital P problems, but was the right game at the right time.

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  • Like many others I didn't really connect with Super Giant's previous game, Transistor, as much as I did with Bastion. I went into Pyre hopeful, but cautious. From what I had seen of it I thought it may have been a good game to play with my girlfriend. She likes games but gets motion sick super easily and can't play/watch very many of them.

    Ho boy! This game not only flew by my exceptions, but proved to be the perfect game for my girlfriend and I to play. We were both so engrossed in the world and would have long discussions on the dialogue options available at any given point.

    I could write 2000 words on why Ti'Zo is such an amazing character. Maybe some other time.

    Super Giant did something really special with Pyre and I hope other developers look to it from inspiration. Especially when looking to make a fantasy world.

  • I have put over 140 hours into Persona 5 and that's something I very rarely do with video games. I'm not sure what the last game I even did that with. It may have some pretty murky themes, questionable plot bits, and could have used more input from female writers, but it is so much of what I am looking for in a SMT styled jRPG.

  • NeiR: Automata is a slog and I either despise or am neutral to the main characters. The mechanics of the side quests are boring and uninspired. So much of it was rough. But there's some really special about this game. It felt so much like a very pointed commentary about video games as a whole and it's ending was the most powerful moment in gaming for me since Undertale.

  • Night in the Woods tells its story in a way that feels unique in video games. There's elements to it's world that are fairly common in games. An unknowable supernatural force, an evil murderous cult. But that's not what it's about. That stuff is the periphery.

    This game puts it's characters' lives up front and center regardless of how mundane or small they may be. This is a game about people that live in a world that's so much larger than they are, rather than characters that are larger than life. Honestly, get Scott and Bethany to write Persona.

  • Hollow Knight may have a questionable map system and some pretty rude optional stuff, but man does it understand the potential of it's genre. I absolutely adorable the lack of a strict sequence in this game. Once you have a handful of the abilities you can pretty much go anywhere. There are multiple entrances to areas and some really clever pathing design.

  • Battle Chef Brigade just felt good to play. There was just this friendly cheerfulness about it that made me disappointed there wasn't more to it. I love the characters, the mechanics, the world. It all just felt like a big warm comfy blanket.

  • This game has such a cool and bizarre look. I love the music and it has some really stellar moments. I wish it played better. I unfortunately never finished it because I got stuck on getting the arcade tokens, but gosh it has some really amazing moments.

  • I only played til the end of the first chapter, but this is exactly what I want from a wRPG. I feel like had I played more of this game, it could have easily been my favorite of the year. I should get back to it.

    Best video game dog of the year.

  • This was my first Fire Emblem game. It's really cool, but I got to the point where I kept on dying and really wish I had set to casual instead.

    I also appreciate that there are multiple instances of female characters telling shitty sexists characters to fuck off. Even if those shitty characters are party members.

  • Mass Effect: Andromeda is a broken, wonky game with a lot of questionable design choices that were very clearly corporate mandates rather than designer chosen. There is a universe where this game is the greatest Mass Effect game. Unfortunately what we got was not that, but it has a special place in my heart despite all it's flaws.

    Personally, I don't hold the series to highly. Each entry has some serious issues and I don't think any of them hold a candle to the best sci-fi of other mediums. I think that's why I find this game so much more enjoyable than other folks do. There are things in this game that I think are the best in the series or at least the most interesting.

    I won't deny that this was the low point for Mass Effect, but when this game came out I kinda needed a game like it.