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GOTY 2018

This year was a weird year for me a video games, I guess. I didn't really play any major AAA games, and found myself bouncing off or not really being sucked into any major story telling games for some reason. I thought I would get around to finishing some of the games I didn't last year, but I didn't really do that either! Still, there were some really great games I've played!

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  • Timespinner may look like a throwback, but it is everything a modern Castlevania should be.

  • The Missing, like all the other Swery games, is clunky, awkward, and kind of a pain to play, but it's also very well written and knows how to use its tropes and themes to great extent.

  • Slay The Spire is still in early access, but I've just put so many hours into it. It's pretty much the perfect podcast game for me.

  • So Hades basically just came out, and is still pretty early. But I played so much of it already. The writing and world-building is a step above anything in its genre. It's still a bit rough in places, but hopefully it all comes together.

  • Visual Out is one of those solid small games made by a single developer.

  • I was expect Iconoclasts to be a cute metroidvania, but it's much more than yet. It has some rough spots, but it's also just a good story.

  • I was not expecting to like Mothergunship, but really got into it. The customization is super cool and really gives the game life.

  • Vampyr surprised me. When it first came out, I watched some of it and kinda just disregarded it. But then, months later, I heard Rob Zachney talk about it over on Waypoint and decided to pick it up. It does some extremely interesting things with it's morality systems and leveling up. The story and side characters have been pretty good too. It's very much a B game, but a really good one.

  • This game came out last year, but had a big update this year and I got way back into it. Still did not finish it. Got to the very last act and then some life stuff got into the way and I just couldn't get back into it. But Man. When I was I was really into it.

    The writing is really strong. The quest design and combat is pretty much exactly what I want from an RPG. I should really just finish the damn thing.

  • Donut County is cute and short. Both me and my partner enjoyed its cute shortness. DUCK