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Top 10 Bigger Summer Game Fest 2023 Games

It's that time again! You know; list time! With Summer Game Fest 2023 coming to a close and having the closest thing to a Kinda-E3-But-Not-E3 return, there have been a metric ton of games revealed. Well, other projects were mainly reiterated or, in the most hilarious case, they received the acknowledgement that, yes, that game still exists!

I painstakingly went through every conference a multitude of times. Not only the volume of games was an issue, but also where to find those games was a hurdle. Does the official channel have a broadcast? Did they disable ads on that reel? There is no way that I am watching ads on ads. Is the Steam page of the showcase just the games or did they sneak in a bunch of others in there? It took a long time to get through all of it is what I'm saying here.

The upside is that, while I started out feeling not too enthused by the opening day, I came out much more positive on the other end. This year seems to forgo the four or five 10 out of 10 games, for an entire deluge of 7-8 joints that, at the least, look like they're an interesting and worthwhile venture.

As such, I've decided that a single list of 10 bangers was not enough and so I've chosen to split this listicle in two. One list will cover major releases, your Starfields and what have you, while the other article will look at some games with smaller budgets, from those broadcasts that few outlets covered. The small list will be built later, because if my time with SEO has taught me anything, it's that people just want the bangers.

That said: Here are the top 10 biggest games from Summer Game Fest 2023.

List items

  • We are so fucking back! Capcom finally decided that they'd like to do more than just let suckers buy the same Resident Evil games five times. While that's really all I need, I'm equally thrilled to see that the studio hasn't lost its touch in the slightest.

    Path of the Goddess looks and feels like the golden days of Capcom. A beautifully distressing and kinetic world awaits, where all your senses will be tickled at once.

    This is a true video game-ass video game.

  • You can always count on developer Obsidian to make a facsimile of a beloved franchise that's, somehow, more memorable than the brand they're mimicking. Is Avowed just their version of Elder Scrolls? Probably, yeah. That sounds like a slam dunk to me.

    Combining the modern freedoms of Skyrim with the deep, expansive lore of Morrowind sounds too good to be true for even the most hardened fan. It's not like Bethesda is going to make Elder Scrolls 6; that's just something they had to tell people. Avowed is going to be the next New Vegas; just you watch.

  • I'm usually not very swayed by iterative releases, but you can really tell that Mortal Kombat 1 was important to developer NetherRealm. In particular, I'm extremely impressed that the stages have received a much bigger attention to detail and much, much more color. No one said that your murder fest needed to be bleak; we just took that for granted all this time!

    Obviously, the fighting looks rock-solid. Tag moves seem to be more meaningful than just being an extra button press. The only thing that sucks about this game is the name, but that seems to be a returning theme this year. If that's the worst part of Mortal Kombat 1, I'll totally take that!

  • Dear heavens, do I wish we would've seen some gameplay from this thing! The vibes, though! The vibes I get from South of Midnight are absolutely spotless. I'm in love with this thing already, whatever it turns out to be. It helps that I actually liked We Happy Few, the developer's previous title.

    Everything about this teaser looks like they understood exactly what they wanted to achieve. The art style, the voice acting, the atmosphere; this is the one game that left me the most hyped. If there had been an inkling of gameplay, it probably would've been number one, so it will just have to live here, for now.

    As the kids say: I'm obsessed!

  • Did I mention that I like when something is just a video game? Well, there certainly isn't anything out there that's goofier than Exoprimal. I don't even really understand what's going on, other than that dinosaurs are raining from the skies, but I also don't care to know more.

    My favorite part about Jurassic Earth Defense Force is that, instead of attacking you strategically, most of these creatures seem to just hurl their entire bodies into your general direction. You can tell that Capcom had a lot of fun making this B-tier banger, even if it will live under the shadow of its larger peers.

    Head empty, the video game.

  • It's looking like a Capcom sweep! While this inclusion is just because I was already excited, it is the known quantity that still showed the most promise. Don't get me wrong; Space Marine II is going to be amazing, but they've shown the same three scenes for a year now. I'm ready for it to come out.

    Dragon's Dogma II hasn't drowned us out with gameplay loops yet. Even if what was shown is just more Dragon's Dogma but better, I don't think anyone expected anything else. Hell, after all this time, who wouldn't just want a second serving? You can inject that stuff right into my veins, actually!

  • This game didn't get stage time at a major showcase, this time, but they did show off a lot of it. What's there seems like an exponentially iterated version of the first release. It feels like the developer has something to prove with the return of the name.

    While I already know that people won't give it the same chances as its Soulslike peers, I cannot wait to see how much they've packed into this thing. A normal world and a dark world with different paths, monsters and bosses? There are ambitions here and that's my biggest interest in any game. Even if it's bad, I love a game that goes for broke.

  • I feel like I'm being manipulated a little with Starfield, just by how much Microsoft showed of it. When the presentation started, I was nonplussed about No Man's Skyrim. There's no way any of this is going to work at launch. Then, they showed more of it and even more of it. By the time the seventh major system showed up, I no longer really cared about the functionality of this thing.

    If half of Starfield works, then there will be a worthwhile game there. It's currently riding an enormously fine line, though. This could be another Cyberpunk 2077. Yet, I want to believe. I want this gargantuan, new thing to be one of those games that we'll remember for years to come. For once, I want my faith to be more than copium.

  • I can't say that the creators of The Division, one of the worst open world experiences out there, inspire me with confidence. Hell, the jittery framerate of the trailer and lacking animations already show signs of the studio's inability to wrap up a project.

    Still, I'll be damned if this Star Wars game doesn't look like a dream come true. Just like the aforementioned Starfield, I can appreciate an overflowing amount of initiative, given that it doesn't ruin the experience elsewhere.

    This just kinda "feels" like Star Wars, doesn't it? I think that kind of genuine evocation deserves a little something.

  • You'll never see it coming, except if they leak it a day ahead of time. Persona has a tactics game. That's kinda it; what more needs to be said?

    If there's one thing that I hate about the series, it's that they are Persona games. The style is absolutely killer, however. Removing Persona from the game and using that amazing art in something that's actually playable sounds like the best possible combination. Now I don't need to feel bad for not picking up that one 3DS game. You know the one. Overclocked? It doesn't matter; the 3DS is dead. Long live Persona!