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  • I got this game on my birthday some years ago, witch coincidently the first day of this game is Links' birthday. I got to the second dungeon before I quit and only years later did I buy it again and finish it.

  • After I played and finished the first game I was supper excited to get the sequel. I must have played this game for hours even after I got all of the treasures.

  • It was hard to decide which game in the trilogy I liked the best but I chose Jak II for how much of a surprise it was and the tonal shift that happened plus a good story with an amazing plot twist at the end.

  • The reason the sequel is on here because of the version of the version of RHINO it had and nothing else.

  • This game was a total surprise given how I found out about this series. I can't put my feelings for this game in words.

  • Like earthbound I have no words.

  • Now I played this on the PC with the Knuckles game on it. I owe this game everything because it got me hooked on games.

  • This was the very first game I played and it will always have a special place in my heart.

  • This was the first game I played on a console I owned.

  • I have played so much of this game and I'm sad to see it go( at least the online part of it).

  • This is a game I tried my hardest to complete but couldn't and still had so much fun playing it.

  • The reason this is here and not Melee is because sonic is in it.

  • Most people said that the game was to short or that they finished the main story in so and so hours but they obviously didn't stray from the glowing trail. If took time to explore the world of Fable II you found many secrete dungeons and even a potion that could change your gender.

  • This is my favorite game from Lion Head

  • This was a fun and humorous adventure that I will never forget.

  • The idea of a Mario RPG was new to me when I got this game and man was I hooked after the first few moments. The humor, story and combat will stay with me forever especially Fawful.

  • Kingdom Hearts is one of those games that despite having parts that I die at over and over again and not being able to skip cutscenes I still finished it because I loved it so much.

  • This is the first Rayman game I finish. But its on the list because I was able to overcome my fear of the Mummy part and that is a mile stone in my gaming life.

  • I finished this game by using the cheat and then years later without it. I really miss this series and hope Loren and the Oddworld team can get back into gaming industry.

  • This represents the good memories of the Playstation I have.