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The most annoying game characters to me and in my opinions

Fellow gamers,fellow anime fans and fellow manga fans these are what i considered to be most annoying and who i considered to be the most annoying and to be the most annoying in my opinions feel free to comment or ask me questions about this list though here or message me and be honest on your thoughts and enjoy :).

And don't worry if i ever have anymore to add to any of my lists if i thought who else or whatever depends on what list I'll updating that certain lists and one more thing i will include all characters who do i hate and i will include all characters who do i hate the most

List items

  • You should know why i like/i love his sister better then him play through the game carefully to see how can he be such a annoying bastard including his annoying laugh i won't ruin it for you just play the game to get what i mean and also to get why i hate Alfred Ashford

  • you should know what i mean when she goes leeeeeooooooooonnnnnnnn helllllllp sorry if i can't mimic her on here properly you should know what i mean what she does that's just completely annoys you to you if you play throughout the game then you'll understand what i mean

  • All i will say is he's a crazy S.O.B he's completely annoys the fuck outta me if i had to pick someone from Shinra company who annoys me the most he is it he fucking annoys me the most in Final Fantasy 7 sorry for my language play the game to get and to understand why he's so annoying and don't worry Final Fantasy 7 is still one of my favorite games

  • All i will say is i don't hate these enemies in the Resident Evil series hunters are a pain in the ass to kill if you disagree or don't believe me then play the game very carefully to understand what i mean by that :)