So I Found this Jonathan Frakes Picture...

No Caption Provided

I hope that creeps you out as much as it did with me. I found this image a while ago in a "book of illusions" or something to that effect. I mean I'm pretty sure it had a better title, but that is not the point!

The funny thing is, is that I found this image, just weeks after the famous Multimedia Celebrity Poker QL (one of the best without a doubt) and as you can imagine after seeing demon Frakes once, I get to see this equally demonic Frakes, and then bug out a little. Could have been worse, could have been Joe Piscopo...

So what is the world trying to tell me?

On a side note, I said a while back I'd do more blog posts and get back into my blog posting game. I have failed in this! Completely! Other than getting the Tested and GB T-shirts, there hasn't been much else to say. I expect I will jump for joy and post a quick hurrah after passing my college course in June!