Most Anticipated Games

Unreleased games that have peaked my interest as of 10th April 2010.

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  • (10/4/10) Colonial Marines... Sign me up!

    (Edit: 9/10/11) Basically one of the AvP games but only the marine campaign = win :)

    (Edit: 27/5/12) Release date has been pushed into 2013 :(

  • (10/4/10) What is there to say about Max Payne 1 & 2, they are amazing love the story :) Can't wait for this.

    (Edit: 27/2/11) Still waiting.

    (Edit: 27/5/12) Pre ordered Steam version.

  • (9/10/11) started playing Navy Field again after hearing about this, very much looking forward to it, World of Tanks is fun too.

    (Edit: 27/5/12) World of Warplanes is almost out but still would rather play this.

  • (10/4/10) After the end of episode 2 I have to find out what happens next. Hope this comes out soon.

    (Edit: 27/2/11) ..... also still waiting.

    (Edit: 27/5/12) Two years later..... still waiting.

  • (10/4/10) Beyond Good & Evil was a great game, really want to see where the story goes with Beyond Good & Evil 2.

    (Edit: 27/2/11) Might have been canned :( but looking forward to the Beyond Good & Evil HD remake next Wednesday :)

  • (10/4/10) So excited for a new MechWarrior game :)

    (Edit: 27/2/11) Still only that FMV video to go on.. but it still gets me excited.

    (Edit: 27/5/12) Closed Beta has started, would sell a kidney for a Beta key!

  • (10/4/10) Played EvE Online for 2 years, hoping this will link up with EvE Online as good as CCP say it will.

    (Edit: 9/10/11) Lost interest in this after it was made PS3 exclusive.

    (Edit: 27/5/12) Signed up for the Beta to give it a try, still not that excited about it.

  • (10/4/10) Big 40k fan here :)

    Edit: 9/10/11) Released: Not a bad game at all :) though i need to find time to play more.

  • (10/4/10) StarCraft 1 is my number one strategy game of all time, mainly for the story :)

    (Edit: 27/2/11) Released: Lived up to my expectations :)

  • (10/4/10) Halo Games are always amazing, looking forward to this.

    (Edit: 27/2/11) Released: Amazing :) Love the custom character and credit system.

  • (10/4/10) High Hopes for this :D

    (Edit: 27/2/11) Released: Played and got all achievements in Dead Rising: Case Zero but surprisingly (Dead Rising 1 being one of my favourite games) I haven’t really found the interest to get stuck into Dead Rising 2.

  • (10/4/10) Lost Planet 1 was one of my favourite Xbox 360 games.

    (Edit: 27/2/11) Released: Was ok but really needs to be played with friends, which all of my friends didn't buy it.

  • (10/4/10) Enjoyed Crackdown 1, hopefully this will be good.

    (Edit: 27/2/11) Released: its more Crackdown 1, really needed a new city to explore.

  • (27/5/12) Love Studio Ghibli, will give this game plenty of my time. Hopefully it will be good.