Counterstrike players be jerks.

I know i'm probably generalizing a little bit so apologies if you play Counterstrike and happen to be an okay guy/gal.
But I played Counterstrike: Source yesterday.
First time since Quake 3 and 56k modems that I've played an FPS online.
I'd heard stories of the Counterstrike players jerkyness and had hoped it not be true.
A couple of hours of gameplay and a couple dozen players later i can safely assume the tales are true.

Counterstrike players be jerks.
The game itself is decent enough if not a little bland.
But it's hard to have fun when you have people shouting at you from all angles, telling you just how much you suck.
Yes I'm aware I suck. I see that on the scoreboard. Thanks!
I don't need to be cussed out. Either offer constructive critisism or shut up.
I told em I was new at the game but who cares about that right?

If anyone wants to suggest a game with a decent sized following with minimal jerks I'm all ears.
Decent sized Aussie following would be preferable for lags sake.
But anywheres fine. Hell if I'm playing with people that speak a foreign language it won't matter if they cuss me out anyway, I won't understand em!
That could work, heh.