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Games of the Year 2012

What a crazy year for games. 2012 is showing a trend of games going to places we haven't seen in a while: fantastic, new, pushing the borders of what we expect.

Now with all the crap out of the way, here's my list for this year! Now, this is currently a top 9, as my 10th game wasn't in the database and is currently pending moderation.

Honorable mentions: Far Cry 3 (I just haven't played enough of it yet), Natural Selection 2 (kind of got overwritten when Planetside 2 came out), and Mechwarrior Online (because it's in beta)

List items

  • This game made me feel feels. Lots of them. (I choked up at least 3 times, and outright cried at the finale) If a game can be written so well, it deserves to at least to be on this list.

  • Tactical and strategy bliss. I feel you probably heard enough on why you should play this.

  • More tactical bliss. FTL mixes that Rogue inspired insanity with 90's style pause-on-a-dime tactics that feels so damn right that, well, it was my 3rd best gaming experience of the year.

  • I never really played a lot of pinball before. I think the last time I've touched a physical pinball machine it was an Adams Family table and I was 7. After that, the only pinball thing I did was play Sonic 2 and own Pokemon Pinball. This game, however, has shown me the light. I've been missing a very important part of my own gaming well being, and The Pinball Arcade was the catalyst.

  • More feels. Journey is a what happens when a game company takes a basic game idea, and turns it into an experience, through and through. Everything and everything in this game is needed to make it feel as it does, from the music and graphical style, to the brilliant reinvention of player-to-player communication. Thatgamecompany really has gone to a whole new level, and I can't wait to see what's next up their sleeve.

  • I really don't know what to add in here. We've all heard Jeff talk about it enough. Go play it.

  • Planetside 2 does a very unfair thing for me that it won't for most: it reminds me of another game love affair I had many years ago. That game is Shattered Galaxy. While the two games are very different in many respects, the one thing that the two do share is the initial point of interest for me: I love large multi-faction warfare. Being able to go with either my friends, or complete strangers, and carve out a chunk of land out of the front lines in the name of the NC can really only be done in this, the original Planetside, and Shattered Galaxy. And it's for this amazing experience that I love this game. Plus the shooting's awesome, and, you know, it's freaking free-to-play.

  • I spent over 100 hours on the first Borderlands, and I loved every moment of it. Loved it so much, I deemed it my best game of 2009. The sequel is exactly what I wanted: better and more of everything. And that's what I got.

  • I have barely touched the singleplayer for Halo 4, all of my many hours with it has been online, causing mayhem in Big Team Battle, or shooting heads in SWAT. While I usually go for the Halo games for the singleplayer and multiplayer, it really is the multiplayer that has me good. I am a Halo fan, and 4 did not disappoint.