The Mighty Bananaburger

An epic quest.A motley crew of heroes.A sharp villain with a crown.Come with us on a journey through time and space to the world of the Mighty Bananaburger.

List items

  • The foundation for everything,and the most obvious thing to start with,otherwise you just have a jumbled mess.Or breakfast.

  • The glue that holds this evil slaying union in place.Though seemingly out of its element and really with no reason to belong,the banana carves out a very special niche in the sandwich world.

  • An optional party member,though very supportive with the right tools.

  • The small ones.And forget excluding the poor souls and throw them right in the fray too...

  • Yet another optional part of the group.The egg usually feels like it belongs when another protein based relative is out of the fold...

  • The foil to the protagonist,the tomato takes its place in the group as the sometime fierce rival sometime strong ally to the banana.

  • The understated member of the party.Doesn't amount to much on its own,or with others for that matter,but just has that one "it" quality that makes it belong...

  • The one in the group that feels somewhat out of place.Why be there when the HAMburger's already there??However,through life's tribulations it has found itself a reliable,well rounded member of the group,even if it occasionally wonders if it belongs.

  • The Mighty Villain in opposition to The Mighty Bananaburger team,this uncouth monstrosity lays waste to all that cross its path,and intends the same for our heroes.

  • The aloof observer of the group who watches from afar.Occasionally reveals his presence in service to the team.