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DrJota: Best of 2010

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  • When I could sit and shoot birds,then shoot the breeze,then shoot a ringer in horseshoes,and then shoot bandits,that has the feeling of a day fulfilled.

  • I did everything in ME1,then couldn't get the save data ported over to ME2.The fact that fifteen minutes in I didn't really care says a bit about the quality of this game.

  • First time I played this online I spent nearly an hour just diving:diving through windows shooting at people,diving at people trying to shank 'em,etc.Then I realized:I was having fun with a game that I tried to convince myself to hate.So,on the list.

  • If only for the fits of rage i go into when I have clutched defeat from the jaws of certain victory...

  • I have not even played this,but the sheer amount of,well,not so much enjoyment as amusement puts this on the list.

  • I played 1942 back in the day,and didn't really get into a massive shooter game afterwards with the exception of a minor dalliance with MAG.This pulled me back in with the force of 10 Death Star tractor beams.

  • To improve on Civ IV is no small feat:to fix the few complaints people had with IV,bring in new features,as well as simplify and put together a central hub for editing and created content,as well as make one of the sleekest,beautiful looking UIs,let alone one of the most elegant looking strategy games ever?Expectations met.

  • FIFA 10 was a personal time sink that showed the potential euphoria that could come with getting together with a mob of like minded people to play football with your virtual avatars online.That 11 built upon that as well as made it so accessible and still improved upon the core game is a testament to EA Canada's refusal to rest on their laurels.