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I was wondering if anyone else is having this issue. So I just purchased Nier Automata, and I found that is was running horribly! I was getting very chopped frame rate even with texture quality turned down and AA turned off. I was very surprised at this because I'm running a GTX 1070, which I thought should be more than enough to get a solid 60. I alt-tabbed to look up some benchmarks, and when I went back to the game, it had defaulted by to windowed mode. To my surprise, it suddenly ran at a solid 60 fps, even when I jacked everything up to max.

This is extremely consistent. I always get poor performance whenever I switch back to full screen (even in cutscenes), and smooth as butter performance in windowed mode. It's not dropping the resolution in windowed. It's still 1080p which is what my monitor runs at. No idea what's going on. Never had this issue with any other game. Anyone else?

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I've had sort of a pit in my stomach for a while now, knowing that this would almost certainly happen soon. In truth it's kind of amazing Drew has been at Giant Bomb as long as he has. So not really a surprise, but a day I definitely hoped would not come. Drew, you've been my favorite part of Giant Bomb for a good long time now. I think the most positive development on the site in the last few years has been your growing presence in features and on the podcast. Your positive outlook, quick wit, and dulcet tones will be sorely missed.

Spasibo e dasvidaniya, comrade @drew Scanlon

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Most of the weird names of genes come from Drosophila (fruit fly) genetics. When genetics really took off in the early 20th century, scientists began discovering genes left and right in fruit flies, and gave them names based on what mutant flies looked like (hunchback, frizzled, etc.), or just whatever they felt like. This led to a lot of silly names, and since then it's become sort of a tradition that fruit fly genes have funny names, leading to names like: Van Gogh, Sevenless, Son of Sevenless, Bride of Sevenless, Cheap Date (which when you mutate it leads to increased sensitivity to alcohol), Yippee, and more. Many of these genes exist in all animals including humans, and while many have their names changed to something more boring, (eg: "Flamingo" is called "CELSR" in humans), some of the really important genes kept their names.

Sonic Hedgehog (Shh) is actually incredibly important in all pretty much all animals and gets talked about a lot. It doesn't just influence limb development, it also patterns the embryonic neural tube, which gives rise to the entire central nervous system. I'm a genetics graduate student, and so many of my professors casually use the name without any idea of what it references.

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Late reply lol. I wasn't aware of that, and while that's a bummer, it totally makes sense.

@alex said:

We'd gladly have him back any time, but right now his professional responsibilities prevent him from appearing on our shows.

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People seem super up on the Blackwell series, so maybe I'll give that a go. I really love cyberpunk aesthetics though. So maybe Technobabylon...Thanks for the input, everyone! :D

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@bisonhero: Hahaha that was a while ago! You're the first in a while to recognize my name from that. It was a surreal experience hearing my voiced mashed into a song on the internet xD

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I'm looking for some recommendations from all of you point-and-click adventurers out there! I'm in the mood for a good old point-and-click adventure game. I really enjoyed Gemini Rue a few years ago, but I haven't looked into any of the other Wadjet Eye games. Could someone recommend which of their catalog I should play next? I'm on a pretty limited budget, so I'm only looking to get one of them. In your opinion, which is the best Wadjet Eye adventure game?

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I've been listening to some old Bombcasts, and I cam across the few episodes back in 2009 when Jared Rea guested. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed his presence on the podcast. He's funny, knowledgeable, and has some great banter with the Bombcast regulars (I particularly love his enthusiasm for Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers). I miss that guy! I wish they would bring him on as a guest again! I know he was a pretty frequent guest on the Powerbombcast, but seeing as I have absolutely no interest in wrestling...I'm not going to listen to those haha. Anyone else think it would be great if they could get Jared back on the Bombcast sometime?

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The only part I really don't understand is this: Who was Delilah talking to when she accidentally leaves the mic on? It was the thing that lingered with me the whole game, and it remains unresolved. It really really made it sound like she was in on something. "I don't think he knows..." What possible explanation is there for this kind of line unless she's part of some kind of plot? I don't know. I guess I can buy that Ned made it look like there was a conspiracy (though that is a little hard to swallow), but this line of dialogue seems to be intentionally obfuscating on the part of the writers.

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I actually get a little misty thinking about those times. It hit at a time in my life I really needed it. It remains the best feature Giant Bomb has produced. Time to go back to the start again!