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Hey I wrote a review for an old game! Video review maybe someday?

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Top 10 video game systems

Consoles. I love them. Therefor I must rank them. Here we go.

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  • Home to most of the best games of all time and a system that came to define a lot of things. We are still to this day using the same face button layout! Super Mario World, Link to the Past and Super Metroid are the holy trinity of gaming to me of course. After the SNES all we got were blocky 3D games that wanted to look "real". Now why the hell do we want that?

  • I kinda hated the PS1. The graphics just seemed blocky and ugly at the time and still do. Now when this bad boy rolled out I was all in for 3D. Games like Jak and Daxter looked and played smooth like butter. So good.

  • It really did what Nintendidn't. What I loved about this Generation of games was that not always was the same game well, the same. Aladdin for example was totally different from the SNES version. Contra Harcorps is still my favorite Contra to this day and I really liked all the Sonic games that came out for this system and I remain a fan to this day.

  • What a beautiful system the Dreamcast is. Blew away anything on the N64 and PS1 but couldn't keep up with the PS2 and GC. Sonic Adventure 2, Jet Grind Radio and Grandia 2 are some of my favorite games for the system and of all time. The controller was simple but great and so many crazy ideas and games came from this system it was so creative.

  • I kinda hated the N64. The controller was horrible and the games felt clunky and don't hold up very well. The Gamecube redeemed Nintendo of that mistake. It's understanable since no one had done 3D before. Multiplayer games were a blast as well. Metroid Prime was such a good game and an example of breathing creativity and new ideas while at the same time keeping true to the spirit of a game.

  • The one that started it all for a lot of us. Mayor game franchises owe their existence to this great machine.

  • So many good games with such little graphics. This is where I first played Tetris and it is just the very definition of a game. Mario Land 1 and 2 my god such classics. Wario Land is still the best Wario game out there.

  • While the Gameboy Advance was great I have to say the DS just has to be the better choice. I do love the fact that it has some cool SNES ports I rather play those on a SNES. The DS also got the better Sonic games in my opinion.

  • From big AAA games like Gears of War to awesome indie games like Super Meat Boy this thing had it all. It started out very good but fell apart later and to this day. Still those first years were so good it made an impact.

  • The opposite to the Xbox 360 where it started out very bad and slowly climbed to the top as it kept on getting good game after good game. You could say it ties with the 360 but I like the 360 pad just a little bit more.