S-Ranked For Your Pleasure

Collection of games I've managed to earn an S-rank here at Giant Bomb.
Honorable mention: 

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Infinite Undiscovery
999/1000 achievements.
Seraphic Gatekeeper       1G
Defeated Ethereal Queen in Infinity mode.
Kiss my arse!

List items

  • How awesome is Bayonetta? So awesome!

    Still need to unlock everything though, but put on hold for now.

  • B-movie grade action game that can be pretty fun at times, frustrating at others.

  • Fun-ish loot game with interesting characters, but not quite as fun as the Diablo series. Did like the item/weapon/armor synthesis system.

  • First time to have played a Tales game and loved every minute of it! (Well, almost). Got the game from the Tales Brigade fan site that was set up to promote the game at the time. Sad that I can't enjoy the extra goodies on the newer PS3 version, and sadder that Namco Bandai doesn't feel like localizing the PS3 version for fans outside of Japan.

  • Eh, it was free and fairly easy. Kinda fun for a bit.

  • Entertaining for awhile at least.

  • Not the biggest FPS guy out there, but one of my favorite games not only of 2007, but all time. Excellent atmosphere and setting, fun game play, and interesting story.

    Shame the sequel has multiplayer achievements instead of focusing on the single player side of the game. Game developers: If you're going to have multiplayer achievements then make sure your multiplayer modes include bots!

  • Cute and fun game, but also challenging to boot. Rare still makes some great titles, and this is one of them!

  • Interesting premise and fun game play, though character development was a bit shallow. Very lush and beautiful world and excellent soundtrack.

  • Flawed, but overall fun game. While the story element was interesting, viewing a war from multiple viewpoints, it was still not deep enough. Fighting boss characters could feel cheap as well.

  • Best of the Castlevania series I've played. Though I do miss the linearity of the original series and Super Castlevania IV is a close second to me.

  • Decent enough JRPG, mediocre Final Fantasy game.