Thoughts on Gamer (the Movie) *SPOILERS*


To be honest, I was pretty dissapointed in this movie. I was expecting Ludacris to have more screen time. I was expecting it to have more game references. I was expecting it to be more humorous. I hated the ending, they didn't explain anything, they didn't explain what exactly happened to Kable, they didn't explain who those group of people helping out Kable were. The ending was afwul, the only thing that happened at the end was Kable killing Castle. Also I couldn't be any more dissapointed in Ludacris' crappy borderline robotic acting, he isn't convincing at all. One thing I do have to admit I liked about the movie was the beginning scene, very actiony, very voilent, very gamey, totally in your face, it was the only part of the movie that delivered for the most part.