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Recommendable iOS Games

This is a list of iOS games that I've seriously enjoyed and would recommend.

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  • Solipskier is awesome. It's simple and elegant and a great use of the touch interface. You draw a slope for a skier to traverse and chase your high score. It may sound dumb, but the experience is engrossing, greatly helped by the the minimal style and solid UI. Everyone should play this.

  • Punch Quest is a fun take on the infinite platformer genre. It's over the top in terms of effects and actual content (laser dinosaur and bee genocide by gnome sections), and the gameplay is fairly satisfying. A good understanding of the enemies you encounter and their weaknesses will allow you to effectively navigate the game. There are tons of upgrades including hats and the higher level powers allow you a surprising amount of flexibility in a game with two buttons.

  • Dungeon raid is a turn-based matching game where you match various resources by drawing through them to gain them, do damage, or have other effects. It was a great time waster that I've played to death. Unlockable classes with interesting perks increase replayability. Good sound, good minimal graphics.

  • Hero Academy is outstanding. If you have any interest in chess-lite with some whimsy and magic, you could be into this. Games are fun and relatively quick, and the long-term support have been excellent: different teams and boards continue to be released and are relatively balanced. Stellar effort.

  • Cute and clever take on the match 3 genre that is surprisingly deep from a strategic perspective. Building cities, you have to handle random behavior by bears (and ninja bears!) A little randomness included in the enemies makes this more difficult than it originally appears. I don't have the chess brain to get far enough ahead of the game to become a true master, but it feels great when something I've been planning comes together. The polish is top-notch.

  • While I loathe the idea of the genre that pocket planes embodies, it nonetheless sucked me in. Building a fleet of planes and optimizing efficiency through my International airports with the minimal number of check-ins per day was an obsession for awhile.

  • Spelltower is a great solo word game. Drawing a line through letters to make a word will remove the tiles from the field of play. Variations on the concept make the expected game types. Again, great polish on this one.

  • Hundreds is interesting. I'm not 100% sure that I love it yet, but it's definitely something that I'd recommend. It's deceptively diabolical for such a peaceful soundtrack and premise and has a neat use of touch control.

  • This is pretty much an iOS classic at this point and has remained on my devices since pretty close to when it launched. It's a one-button infinite runner-type.

  • The Quick Look here led me to CSD. I've gifted this to a few folks and they love it as well. I've always liked the restaurant (and spa /cringe) sims where you have to very carefully handle time as a resource, but they've all been too embarrassing to really recommend. This, however, combines that time management with fun touch minigames, and I am more than happy to come out of the restaurant sim closet and tell everyone to play it.