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E3 2010 Most Anticipated Games

There's a quest to do this, so here I am.  These are my most anticipated games showcased at E3 2010.

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  • Mortal Kombat is obviously Game of Show. Nothing else comes close. I'm ordering 10 copies.

  • The demo from the Microsoft Press Conference made this game look incredible. The story and graphics of MGS4 combined with sword action gameplay is going to be SICK.

  • I'm not necessarily pumped for Kid Icarus the game, but I'm extremely excited about the 3DS. This spot on the list is for that. Kid Icarus looks fun, but so does everything else they've announced for the 3DS. It might have the best launch titles of any console ever.

  • I have romantic feelings for the Civilization franchise. I long for my first night together with it, watching the sunrise together.

  • This game has perhaps the best trailer of any game I've ever seen. If the quality of the gameplay matches the trailer, then this is Game of the Year.

  • This is an obvious pick. Portal 2 is going to be fantastic. The trailer at the Sony press conference, as short as it was, was enough for me to know that Portal 2 is going to be epic. Valve knows it's a blockbuster franchise and is throwing the appropriate budget behind it.

  • I'm looking forward to how Jaffe does on this rebirth of Twisted Metal. How fun is car combat in this day and age? This was one of the better surprise reveals at E3 this year.

  • Now it's in 3D? How am I going to afford a 3D TV? or a racing wheel? or one of those chairs that has a mount for the wheel? These are questions I need to answer because Gran Turismo 5 might as well be virtual reality. The preview videos of this game are hardly distinguishable from real life.

  • I couldn't care less about this game before E3, but the previews of this game at the various conferences have completely changed that. Medal of Honor looks fully superior to Modern Warfare 2. I'm definitely pumped to see how this turns out.

  • Like Gran Turismo 5, this game makes me want to get a 3D TV. The preview at the Sony Press Conference looked superior than the movie Avatar.

  • KIRBY! How could I not be excited for you, little buddy? This game looks adorable.

  • And of course, Rayman, I'm excited for you too. Another classic character brought back, overflowing with artistic style.

  • Sucker Punch proved to everyone that they can compete in this genre. I hope I can carry over my Cole from the first game into this one.

  • While I'd like to rank it higher on this list, the demo at the Nintendo Press Conference bombed. Miyamoto could barely get it to work, and the graphics looked awful. Do I really want 1-to-1 sword slashing? It'll be interesting following the development of the game.

  • This looks like a better version of Split/Second in 3D. How could this be bad?

  • I don't do drugs but I might have to get some for when this game comes out.

  • It's more Fable. Over the last six years Fable has been a reliably excellent 3rd-person action RPG. This is more of that, plus JOHN CLEESE.

  • It's more Gears. At this point it's such a known quantity that it's hard to get super excited for it, but we all know it'll be good.

  • It's more Halo. The space combat stuff looked interesting though, and the new stuff in the multiplayer could keep this from being stale.