MegaMan X GiantBomb game now available for download =D

Voting Finished

The voting for the next Boss has been completed. Vinny Wins -_-;; Whenever I have some free time, I'll put together a Vinny Boss fight next =)

Free Game

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or at least, free boss fight =P I did a quick and dirty game jam that I sort of posted updates on here.

It's my first time attempting to build a game out for distribution so I'm not entirely sure if it'll work and how it works on other people's comps. If it doesn't work, please let me know along with whatever errors you have. If it does work, drop me a note on what you think =)

Download Ver 1.24


Keyboard and 360 controller supported

Z(keyboard) or C(keyboard), X or B on controller to shoot.

X(keyboard) or A on controller to jump.

arrow keys or d-pad for movement.

down + jump to slide.

Enter or Start to skip.

I'm not sure if there's a download limit on dropbox, but that's how I'm sharing it for now. Enjoy!

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Here is a vid of the game. I highly recommend you just play through it yourself since the entire thing is under 5 min but if you can't for whatever reason, you can still watch it here =P

Version Update Information Below

SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.

If you've already installed, you must uninstall before installing the new version.

Update V1.4

added respawn on game over screen if you lose.

tweaked ryan's attack so there are no impossible situations.


adjusted attack a bit more


lowered the low platforms a bit


reduced lifetime of ryddok's bullets


added start select arrow


attempted to be compatible with more video cards by dropping DX10


fixed various bugs such as music continuing to play after ending and also being able to fire while READY is flashing

Added a SLIIIIIDEEEE!!!! Down + Jump!


C button also fires weapon to allow both left/right combinations of jump/fire


Balance changes to keep things more fair.

Ryddok no longer moves before the player can.

Humming birds further spread apart to allow dodging through any combination.

Boundaries changed to prevent extreme travel through walls for Ryddok.

Full collision with all platforms.

V1.15 ~ V1.18

Made a large amount of changes to the structure of the program to support extra bosses and potential levels.

Changed the camera to have movement functions

Begun implementing basics of Vinny as a boss character

Added a select screen in which currently only Ryan is selectable.


Quickly added a difficulty selection. You can now play the game on Easy. I'll prolly change the attack patterns a bit based on which difficulty is selected but for now, it just reduces the damage taken by Mega Man when hit.