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Good iOS Games

This is a list of iOS games that I have personally played and found enjoyable.

List items

  • Endless runner style game, neat game mechanic, randomly generated levels, no iPad version (boo).

  • Endless runner, simple responsive controls, good progression makes it easy to spend several hours with this game. Universal

  • 3rd person shooter, excellent controls, voice acting is reasonably good. Universal

  • A weird amalgamation of every popular game mechanic on the App Store set to Limbo-esque visuals. Very good none the less but doesn't feel better than the sum of its parts.

  • Without a doubt the best version of this game. Buy it.

  • A game in the loosest of terms but that doesn't stop me from booting it up at least once a day to check on my Bitizens. Its a modern day tamagotchi.

  • A truly beautiful game, playing this game feels like reading a children's book in some ways, thankfully the actual mechanics are interesting enough to make you want to play it.

  • The only good racing game I've come across on the App Store. Controls well, I find it best to let the game do the accelerating, looks good and is well supported my its developers.

  • The games below are not found in Giant Bomb's database but are still worth a mention.

  • Whale Trail: an adorable endless runner that doesn't add much to the genre but is a veritable feast for the eyes and ears. I see my house from herreee... (Universal)

  • Monster Ate my Condo: MAMC is like Tower Bloxx in reverse, with new coloured blocks falling from the top of the screen which can be fed to the corresponding Monster or stacked in groups of three or more to score points and swap monsters out. A fun, high paced puzzle game. (Universal)

  • Jelly Defense: Yo son, do you like tower defense games? Then you should get Jelly Defense (or maybe Creeps but its stuffed with in app purchases) Universal