Completed games - 2010

So I always have a ton of issues with finishing games. I have gamer ADD and I'm terrible about making impulse buys. These are the games that I beat this year, and I'll be adding to it as the year goes on. I'm counting finishing the main campaign on any difficulty as 'completing.' I know that a lot of people will only accept s-ranking as a completion but I don't have the time or the patience for a lot of that. I just like to see the meat of the game and move on.

List items

  • The first game I beat this year. I beat the main adventure, but I'd like to get a few more achievements to get my rank up. That means playing some of the side content, which can be quite fun. Plus, I play this on my netbook, so I likely won't be missing out on other games by playing it.

  • I beat the main game on Normal difficulty. When I have time I might go back through on Hard.

  • Beat it on Normal, clocking just under 30 hours, level 28, no crew deaths. Awesome. I might try to do a quick insane run to try and S rank it later when my backlog has thinned a bit.

  • Got through this in about 6 and a half hours. I enjoyed it alot overall, but damn that ending was terrible. I'm really looking forward to Heavy Rain. It looks like they've taken many of the criticisms of the first game to heart. More "Oh god what have I done" less wire-fu please.

  • Bought this on PSN for 5 dollars, and I have to say it was well worth it. I kind of treated it more like a toy than a game, and I have to say it was really relaxing. I didn't really try to go for trophies or anything, so I might go back and play with it a little more later to try and get a few of the easy ones that I missed. That said, I really enjoyed the experience. It's just a gorgeous game, and I enjoyed it a lot more than Flow.

  • The identity of the killer was spoiled for me, bumming me out and really kind of diminishing the impact of the whole thing. Oh well, I still enjoyed it for the most part.

  • Beat the single player campaign, which was... alright. A little bland maybe, but the online is incredible so that's alright. I plan to keep playing this online.

  • Beat this on easy. Thank god I chose that difficulty, because Deadpool would have been an asshole on anything higher. Dumb fun overall.

  • Okay, homing pillars suck so hard. Ugh. Glad I'm done with this, it went on a little too long.

  • I really really disliked the end of this game, but it was dumb fun while it lasted. I still have to beat the coop campaign... but I'm still counting it.

  • This is kind of cheating, given that it's a 2 hour campaign, but I don't care. I've still put in another 7 hours into the multi and plan on eventually getting up to rank 100.

  • I loved the ending to this game. LOVED. Easily top 5 favorite games ever... maybe even knocking portal out for number one. I'd have to think about it, really. Fully plan to 100 percent it. I'm somewhere around 91 percent right now.

  • Managed to finish this up on normal in about 8 hours. Dumb fun, I was fairly satisfied with it overall.

  • Finished on Normal, saw all three endings. Not the most memorable game, and the time manipulation stuff was gimmicky. I enjoyed it none the less. Might play some of the multiplayer to check it out.

  • This one's kind of cheating since you can beat it in like 10 minutes, but hey. I played through it multiple times. I'm counting it.