Tekken Series Games I've played

Tekken is different than other fighters game, it depends on counter-attack technician, and a lot of grab moves, no power or Hadoken here, and kind more logic than SF&KOF.

Tekken anime movie I watched:

Tekken: The Motion Picture watched...can't count

Tekken: Blood Vengeance watched 3x time

List items

  • I loved the counter move on how to broke a special move, and my play starts to form, and I stuck with the KIng.

  • Every one pick Jin, but my character was KING & Gon, also remember To do special move with the controller was easier than Arcade! I not sure, but that's what I recall.

  • Tag T, more advance, and was better than the rest of the series, also remember the most famous fighter game on PS2! and play it a lot.

  • Few Farewell matches, and Few matches vs player.

  • You can finish the game with one move vs machine, and I loved the grab moves in this game, something cool xD

  • The look "Graphics" better, but the game not popular like 3 and TagT, and remembering the campaign, it just needs some fix! and truly these fighters has a logic move, Tekken has own touch nothing like.

  • I was passing by, and found it! yet on another country, I playing Tekken, and Some matches vs players, was around 2009, Tekken 6 didn't release yet on PS3.

  • Joy time, and nostalgic, and still this game nothing like.