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Tekken 4 is the fifth installment in the Tekken series. It was developed and published by Namco for the arcades in 2000 and PlayStation 2 in 2002. Namco soon was obsorbed by Bandai Co., Ltd., in 2005 then in March of 2006, Namco and Bandai's video game operations merged into Namco Bandai Games Inc. It was released as an arcade game worldwide in July 2001, having first been unveiled in Europe in 2000. Due to various gameplay alterations, Tekken 4 is the least liked game in the series according to many fans of the Tekken series.


Tekken 4 takes place two years later from Tekken 3. Heihachi and his scientists has captured some of Ogre's blood to make Heihachi immortal. SInce Hehachi lacks the Devil Gene, the project fails. Heihachi finds his grandson, Jin Kazama, who posseses the Devil Gene, Heihachi studies his body and is stored in the labs of the Mishima Zaibatsu's main business rival called G Corporation.

Heihachi sends his Tekken forces to raid G Corporation and find Kazuya's body, but the mission fails since the force got wiped out by Kazuya himself. Kazuya was revived by G Corporation after the events of Tekken 2 and is stronger then he was ever was.

In a desperate attempt to get Jin and Kazuya out, Heihachi announces The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4.


Tekken 4 introduces a significant new gameplay changes from the previous Tekken games. For the first time, players are able to maneuver around an arena and interact with walls and other things for extra damage. This new feature allows players to juggle with their opponent for consecutive combos. Position changes and moving before the fight starts were also introduced in Tekken 4, but later removed in future iterations. The game also introduces a brand new graphics system, that had increased lightning, smoother surfaces, and dynamic physics. Tekken 4 brings back "Tekken Force" a beat 'em up minigame with enhanced new features. It was first introduced in Tekken 3. Players were also allowed to maneuver their opponents around during a match but pressing the left punch and right punch simultaniously along with a respective directional button, this was taken out in tekken 5 and given to Steve Fox as a special throw.

Character Roster

Returning Characters

New Characters


  • E3 2002 Game Critics Awards: Best Fighting Game.
  • It was also nominated for Best Fighting Game of 2002 at GameSpot.


Disc 1

Track 1 Fist for a Fist 2:06

Track 2 Acid Timpani 0:41

Track 3 Jet 1:18

Track 4 Fetus 2:26

Track 5 Uninhabited 3:20

Track 6 Didgerhythm 6:24

Track 7 Authentic Sky 4:55

Track 8 Mob 3:28

Track 9 Kitsch 3:49

Track 10 Quadra Introduction 0:07

Track 11 Quadra 2:08

Track 12 Bit Crusher 4:47

Track 13 Fear 4:24

Track 14 Gym 4:21

Track 15 Touch and Go 2:56

Track 16 The Inner Shrine 4:31

Track 17 Wirepuller Appearance 0:25

Track 18 The Strongest Iron Arena 2:34

Track 19 Nothingness 2:24

Track 20 Lights 1:51

Track 21 Hex 3:03

Disc 2

Track 1 Draw the Waveform 2:01

Track 2 Heihachi Mishima 1:19

Track 3 Craig Marduk 1:00

Track 4 Julia Chang 1:53

Track 5 Christie Monteiro 0:48

Track 6 Ling Xiaoyu 2:24

Track 7 Steve Fox 1:10

Track 8 Kuma 0:33

Track 9 Kazuya Mishima 3:29

Track 10 Yoshimitsu 1:00

Track 11 Combot 0:43

Track 12 Bryan Fury 1:41

Track 13 Lei Wulong 0:52

Track 14 Jin Kazama 2:37

Track 15 Lee Chaolan 0:50

Track 16 Hwoarang 1:15

Track 17 Marshall law 1:19

Track 18 Paul Phoenix 1:09

Track 19 Panda 1:08

Track 20 Nina Williams 1:20

Track 21 King 1:00

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