Test Drive series Games I've Played

Test Drive series really good race game with other types of race car. it's about speed and having fun, can't say it's just race games like any other franchise, it has its own touch.

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  • Try it on PC windows 95! honestly didn't like it, NFS far better, but now I know it's was 87* so...

  • Tried a few times. I didn't look at it as a racing game! as jeep jumping yeah that's what it looks like :D

  • At that time who cares it's just race game! but how dare you it has a collection of best old classy cars in all history.

  • Here I start to pick up a favorite car, and search for it in other race game, to see the different taste ;)

  • We replace our old jeep game with a new Jeep game, we didn't know that jeep was called it Hummer! Hummer time race x)

  • Are we still going to call it race game! I don't remember it as race game at all, it was big cars on the hard road with many obstacles.

  • Still the same, but hype game can't be forgotten, especially when driving that blue car, recently I have known it's Shelby Cobra 427.

  • The only kind of Le Mans race game, even until now I never saw a game with the same genre!

  • I love rally games, but when they make it difficult to drift I dislike it too much, I still remember how hard it was to drift.