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Quest for 1,000 points is finished

So i've broken the 1,000 points barrier and can now make live edits. I look forward to using this power in the future.

Other than early minor 1 and 2 point submissions heres how I did it:

1) Entire article submission for Kabuki Quantum Fighter. All the text you see there is mine. Got 285 for that.
2) Entire article submission for Digger T. Rock. All the text you see there is mine. Got 271 for that.
3) Entire article submission for Bloodshot. All the text you see there is mine. Got 316 for that.

Now that was my main bulk of work. However I feel I got shafted on my next article. I wrote a similar amount of text for Agent Armstrong and recieved only 61 points.

You look at the text on those and explain to me how that AA entry was worth less than a quarter of my other articles? After that I was sitting pretty close to 1,000 and a bit miffed so I just went to Mobygames, grabbed a bunch of non-watermarked screenshots and image submitted my way over the top.

I'm excited now thinking about the site since I have free edit access now. I'll look to get more involved in the forums since i'm a trusted member and so no longer have that challenge to face. I really think this site is going to become huge and a standard stomping ground for all gamers as soon as this holiday season.


Imagine this site in 6 months

Just think what this site will be like by Christmas. Right now the rate of new content is being bottlenecked because of the slow state of moderation. However all those thousands and thousands of people submitting content will soon have 1,000 points and be able to make edits whenever they wish.

I can't wait to see just how packed with content this site will be by Christmas when there are thousands and thousands of users making live edits and submissions.


Quest for 1,000 points (update)

Current total: 2

Not exactly impressive. When my current pending subs get approved (some of which have been pending for 3 days now) i'll get a bunch more. I thought I might wait till the boys have the mod situation under control before I resume my quest but the urge to make wiki edits is somewhat addicting. I'll see what I get for my current submissions and go from there.

Just here for the sake of hilarity.
Just here for the sake of hilarity.


Quest for 1,000 points

I figure since I really dig the community side of this site i'll be spending a lot of time here. As such I better get myself 1,000 points so I can edit stuff without having to jump through any hoops.

Theres probably already thousands of users swarming your more recent games so i'll be putting short little overviews into the pages of all the retro games I have in my collection. Those pages are bare right now so whatever I put down will get approved i'm sure. I've already submitted one for RoboCop v Terminator on the Megadrive.

After I get full editing freedom i'll go back and make said pages a little more robust and fleshed out. For now though a short overview of each for an easy 50 or so points should get me the 1,000 in no time.

Wish me luck:

This ones for my boys in Kazakhstan
This ones for my boys in Kazakhstan