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GOTY 2011.

2011 has been a really good year for games, I know I said the same thing last year, but this year it was just crazy. Last year I struggled to put games on the bottom of my list, this year I had 20 games I wanted on this list. Before checking out the list please note that these are my personal games of 2011, so what if you don't like whats in the number 1 spot or that there are a few games that you may really dislike on the list. Guess what, it's my list!

With that taken into account, please enjoy my list and please leave your thoughts.

List items

  • (Before you curse at the screen please note that the PS3 port of this game came out in 2011, it came with all but one of the DLC included in the game as well as a comic book style recap of the past games too. I had not played Mass Effect 2 on the 360 before either, so I feel quite confident including this game on my 2011 list.)

    What can I say about Mass Effect 2 that has not already been said?

    Mass Effect 2 is my Game of the Year 2011, I debated a lot about whether Skyrim would make this. They both have fantastic gameplay, voice acting, replay value, alternative ways to progress and actions that ultimately change the game. But there is one thing that this game has over Skyrim, both games created a world that is fully fleshed out. But Mass Effect has characters, sure Skyrim has characters but could you tell me that you were emotionally attached to 5 characters from Skyrim?

    No, Mass Effect 2 however achieves this with there fantastic rooster of characters. They all have there own personalities and each have there own relationship with each other and your character. I found myself attached to my entire crew bar one member and I really liked just going round the ship and talking to them. That with the fact that the game itself is fantastic makes this my Game of the Year 2011.

  • You know when you leave the cave at the start? And that dude's all like HEY YO LETS GO TALK TO GURDUUUUUURRRR!? And then you're all like NAH SON F YOU IMMA GO PUNCH THIS BEAR OVER HERE!!!

    This is why this game is awesome.

  • I never played the original Portal, so I was just confused as to why it got so much high praise. From the outside the original Portal just seemed like some sterile puzzle game, so I went in not expecting much from Portal 2. As you can guess, I was blown away. The fact that they were able to put so much charm into the few characters that were in the game and include some of the most interesting and brain crunching puzzles I have ever played in a video game just amazes me.

  • I love San Andreas, I love that you get a Jet-pack in San Andreas and ride into a top secret military base. GTAIV was a disappointment to me as they ditched the craziness and went for a realistic approach. Saints Row The Third for me is the sequel to San Andreas, but just makes everything in San Andreas look very tame. One of the first missions involves you jumping out of a helicopter and gunning down people on a penthouse rooftop while Kanye Wests "Power" plays in the background...That was pretty awesome.

  • Dead Space 2 is a scary game, it takes a lot to scare me but this game really did frighten me at times. I went in going "Yeah lights off, door shut, volume all the way up lets do this!" to "Oh my god turn on those lights, open the door and please hand me my teddy!" All of the not great parts of Dead Space are thankfully taken out such as the backtracking and what we are left with is one of the best games this year.

  • L.A. Noire is a very different game from the games that Rockstar are used to making, which was why I suppose I took to the game as I did. I enjoyed the TV show style cases that they told and I really enjoyed the incredible atmosphere that the game had. The fact that the main story was told through newspapers scattered throughout the game I thought was pretty clever.

    And those faces are fucking great!

  • I don't know if you know this, Batman is pretty awesome. Batman Arkham City delivers on what it sets out to do. With all of the good stuff from the first game and the good stuff from this game we have a bloody brilliant game.

  • This is probably not going to be on a lot of peoples list, sure its story is pretty weak but this game attached it self to me and would not let go. I'm a fan of zombie games, so me enjoying this was not surprising, but what made me enjoy it that much more was the combat. The analog control is really what puts it on this list, it probably is the best version of First Person melee combat that I have ever seen. That mixed with the great atmosphere and great RPG mechanics puts it on this list.

  • Before this game came out I was really starting to think that getting a 3DS was a waste of my money, I had not really enjoyed any of the launch games and not being a fan of Ocarina of Time just made things worse. But then Super Mario 3D Land came out and it blew me away, this is really one of the best Mario games I have played since Super Mario 64 and it makes the 3DS worth while after all.

  • Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception is more of the same, but last time I checked Uncharted 2 was pretty good!