Acclaimed Games I Didn't Care For

Some games that the world collectively loves and I couldn't appreciate on the same critically acclaimed level.

List items

  • Everyone loves Bioshock! I couldn't get into it. The atmosphere is great but the gameplay seemed to cheapen it and completely pull me out of the immersion.

  • Loved Fallout as a young kid on the PC. Those were games that made me say "yah I love RPGs" even though no other PC RPG had captured the same feelings those games had for me. Fallout 3 was the right idea but it felt so static and dead. The lifeless NPCs, poor narrative. Subway tunnels and buildings that all gave you that deja vu of being there.

  • I was done with it after about 15 minutes even though I beat the whole game (in 3 hours)

  • It's not a bad game I just don't see why it's an amazing 10/10 fan favorite. Theres some climbing and platforming that you can pretty much sleep walk through; theres gunplay that feels semi satisfying, and the story is something something Galileos treasure something Red Sea ok lets go find it. Nice graphics, nice environments, some basic puzzles - it's an alright game like a 8/10 but not this crazy WOW this is AMAZING masterpiece other people seem to think it is (in my opinion)

  • I don't see it - seems like the most generic space shooters there is. Maybe because when Halo 1 came out and everyone was wowed by big levels and vehicles I was playing Battlefield 1942 which had huge levels and a ton of awesome physics based vehicles, that Halo just didn't do it for me. I played Halo Reach and while it was an "alright" space shooter type of experience the game left me wanting more often than not. I just recently heard of the term "puzzle shooter" that is apparently associated with this franchise and was baffled by it. Apparently the fact that the game throws heavies at you that require different strategies to defeat than small nimble enemies warrants the title of a "puzzle" first person shooter. Seems to me that everyone that plays and loves Halo is in some sort of adoration bubble where things that other games have done already, and at times done way better, are hailed as revolutionary and new in the Halo franchise.

  • No checkpoints leads to hours of gametime completely wasted. Fun game, horribly archaic in design.

  • Let me just state that I got past the statue of liberty level! I got pretty far into the game, I just couldn't muster up the attention to keep playing. I like RPG's and I love sci fi and cyberpunk but something about Deux Ex was just completely not grabbing me.

  • I gave this an honest try. From the start I didn't get the same vibe from this game as everyone else. I couldn't tell what made it that much different from Oblivion - the two looked almost identical to me. ALAS so many people were playing and praising it, I thought maybe it's something that has to be experienced. Played it for several hours, completed a leg of the main quest, a handful of side quests from random wandering as well as an entire side quest line with companions. I can honestly say I've seen everything the game has to offer and it has not drawn me in. What? But theres a huge world for you to explore still! Yah, I know but it's going to be more caves and ruins. I feel like I'm on a leash because before I hit a certain level cap I couldn't find better armor anywhere. As soon as I crossed some invisible threshold the elusive armor supplier showed up and everyone is sporting the new fashion line of elven armor and whatnot. I won't go into detail about every last thing that bothered me but sad to say it's been a week and I feel no draw to go back to the game.

  • I really loved Arkham Asylum and couldn't have felt more indifferent towards A:City. The open world design felt wasted and inappropriate for this type of game. If you had told me after I beat Arkham Asylum that the next game has a big wide open map that you have to continuously glide over I'd probably ask "why??" The small, enclosed nature of Asylum is perfect for Batman. I know they had big shoes to fill but I think they overshot it. Too much of everything. Almost every encounter, no matter how minuscule or inconsequential is tied in with a Batman villain. That takes a bit of the flair out of the whole notions of those bad guys - some of which you literally see for 2 minutes or less for the entire game. It was a SOLID game. Hit all the Batman high notes. I suppose it just wasn't the next Batman game that I wanted.