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Hyuzen: Best of 2010

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  • #1. A very clear winner. excellent immersion, good gunfights and a wonderful ending. more games like this please.

  • #2 I loved this game, but after playing it a couple things stuck out at me as flaws. I thought the story could've been better, but the characters are very well fleshed out. Give me Tali's face!

  • #3 The story was quite engaging, and I enjoyed the conversations between missions. The variety was very welcome and I even have fun when i lose horribly in multiplayer

  • #4 I kept dying, and i kept getting frustrated, and i loved every minute of it. throw in too many secret levels to find and free level packs and this is one game that keeps you coming back for more and more punishment

  • #5 Just pure unadulterated fun, especially the more people you play it with. plus theres lots of fun references to games and the graphic novels which is nice.

  • #6 I played through this on legendary so my enjoyment was seriously diminished, but I saw the fun that could be had, a story that was more interesting than most Halo's and I really love the DMR. Also multiplayer.

  • #7 This is TF2 for those of us who can't put the time into TF2. Its fun to just jump into a game and go shoot some guys, spin around with my jet gun.

  • #8 It took me only 1 multiplayer game to be a true convert from MW2's multiplayer. From what i've played its a lot more balanced. The story kept things pretty interesting, even if it wasn't totally surprising.

  • #9 At the beginning of the game the combat was so-so but the characters were very interesting, then halfway through the game the characters and story went down the crapper and the combat became awesome. So there was always something keeping me involved in playing this game, even if the end of the game was basically one long string of motivational phrases.

  • #10 Between this and limbo, neither one felt like its price was worth the game included, but i only rented bioshock 2 so it snuck ahead. I still enjoyed going to Rapture again and protecting the little sisters was fun. Dual wielding plasmids and gun also made me feel pretty dang powerful.