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A selection of some of my favorite games ever made. These really are must plays.

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  • One of the best games ever made. Fallout is a universe completely unique in all forms of entertainment. It combines a steam punk 50s vibe with a dark and bizarre sense of humor. The RPG elements are incredibly deep, each stat you increase changes more than your chance to hit or your health. The side quests are very imaginative and frequently hilarious, each with multiple ways to solve. NPCs will remember your deeds and your reputation sometimes proceedes you and people may refuse to barter or even talk to you if you become such a bad person.

    Please please play this game, you won't regret it

  • X-COM UFO Defense is probably the best strategy games ever made. X-COM combines intense turn-based tactical combat with a deep strategy game asking you to manage personnel and research assignments along with intercepting enemy UFOs and defending cities. X-COM really is fantastic and anybody that hasn't played it owes it to themselves to buy it on steam. It really is worth it.

  • This is a fantastic RPG and probably the best Star Wars game ever made. There are tons of options in character creation and development and your party members are all interesting varied characters which unique abilities and personalities. It also has a brilliant story which isn't tied down trying to wrap itself around the Star Wars films which would have inevitably reduced the impact of events that happen later in the game.