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Hybrid Games are the Future?

  So it would seem as we push further into this generation of gaming a new phenomenon has begun to pop up that was nigh unheard of back when I was a child. Hybrid games have began to take a big place lately in some gaming franchises. When I think of Hybrid Gaming Experiences the first two thoughts that come to mind are Mass Effect 1 and more so it's sequel. And the second being Fable 2 and again more so Fable 3.  Another great example, even though it is much more an RPG then FPS is Fallout 3.
Mass Effect was a shooter/RPG but it had so many of t he RPG elements that you would label it an RPG before anything else. But when they released the sequel they dropped some of the RPG elements and some people argue that it became more of a shooter. It's truly a RPS (Role Playing Shooter). But the team at Bioware found something that not too many games can manage, and that is proper balance between two different game types.
Then we move on to Fable 2. Fable was a RPG that had a lot of action gaming elements like real time battles. Fable 2 didn't so much drop RPG elements but it did change a lot of them, adding didn't variations that made it feel more like that RPG/Action Hybrid. Fable 3 promises to make that same leap by dropping more of the RPG elements in hopes of creating a true RGAG (Role Playing Action Game).
Now this equation seems to be so hard to work out as so many games falter and fail. Rise of the Argonauts is a good example, RPG elements in an Action Game setting and it's terrible. One that just came out is Alpha Protocol. It had all the makings of a good hybrid game but it tanked from the get go. While this is such a delicate balance when adding to different game types together I believe it's something that will be concreted as more time passes.