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My achievement score is 45k, and I've never felt better.

For those of you that don't get the reference the title is directed towards a recently published piece in one of those gaming magazines so many people love to enjoy. I won't use a name per say but it's the one with the cover story of Arkham City but I'm getting away from the point of this issue. There was a piece published from an editor about the lack on importance of achievements and the ego that so many people get from there achievement score.
Before I go into depth about all the things I disagree with I want to make a point that I did agree with some of the statements made by the person. So on that let me start with all of the things that I did agree with. First off if you believe your achievement score (for the most part there are some exceptions to the rule and I'll get into that later on) you are sadly mistaken. Generally achievements do not reflect your skill as a gamer, weather they be online or off. They are for people that enjoy getting some kind of satisfaction out of the game and they want it to be shown to others and even shown to them that they actually achomplished something while they played.
I am an Achievement Hunter, point blank, period end of story. I wasn't always am Achievement Hunter but the day did come when a friend of mine started telling me my achievement score was  low and I needed to raise it; since before, when I used to play most of my old games for my PS1 or PS2, I was a completionist  I decided to get back into the hunt. Over the course of a month or so I raised my achievement score by 25k. Some of the games were throw away and I played them strictly for achievements but at the same time I busted my ass to actually get some of the hard achievements in some games.
The person made the comment that he doesn't consider getting points for a boss fight or something he had to do anyway an achievement but more like a pat on the head. Then he goes on to say if companies want him to get there achievements they should be integral to the story. That is a blatant conundrum for me because it is a contradiction to the previous statement.
Another statement he makes is that he essentially loves becoming engrossed in his video games and when you get the little blip that an achievement unlocked in breaks the illusion. That actually doesn't add up for me because any gamer that is truly engrossed in the gaming experience has had achievements pop that they didn't even notice. Never even saw the bubble pop up. I've had it happen on several occasions and I open up the screen and see that I've actually unlocked more then one. IF you want to be engrossed but the blips are too much for you, which is a cop out, then go play DnD or something else that you can use your own imagination rather then reaping the benefit of the imagination of others.
The final issue I want to touch base on that frankly pissed me off was this, and for this particular comment I will quote, "Anyone who plays games is a gamer - be that game Oblivion or Farmville." Now the first irritation that started towards my mental illness for this is that Farmville isn't a video's a mockery of a Video Game. Based on the Great, but flawed, Harvest Moon games. Comparing the games I play to Farmville or some other stupid Facebook game is comparing apples to oranges. You can't do that. Well you can but it makes you look like an ass. Maybe anyone that plays a game is a gamer but wait is someone who plays solitaire when they're bored at home a gamer? IF you play mine sweeper are you a gamer? The short answer is no. The long answer is comparing those types of games to a person who plays games that actually take skill and aren't based on how many other mindless drones you can get to play with you on your friends list makes you look shockingly for the umpteenth ass. 
In closing, as he states. "Make fun of my Gamerscore. I'm done with it." If you were done with it you wouldn't have deleted your gamerscore to make a point because you're tired of achievements. You wouldn't have written an an article about it and bitched for three paragraphs. It's like when someone says something to you and you say it doesn't bother you and then bring it up later because it's been festering like a rat and gnawing at your subconscious. You're an employee at a job that some people would kill you to have. At the very least your Gamertag should have been recovered and used just to be able to say, "Look at that I've played 500 games out of the 750ish that are out. Suck it bitches." Don't get mad because some 12 year old from Kentucky kicked your ass online then called you a scrub for having a low Gamerscore.
More to come perhaps, that rat from earlier is still gnawing at me.