My Top 10 RPG Games

What i think are the best RPG from any console. just the great ones and the ones i have had toe most fun with.

List items

  • i thought 8 was the best final fantasy game but also the best RPG i had the most fun with. i loved the story but the characters were awesome.

  • I love pokemon there some of the best RPG games and this remake just made all the pokemon games better.

  • 10 is awesome from the opening FMV scene to the characters but the awesome places but also the story is great you habve this villian sin is awesome and a cool ass time traveler.

  • didnt play the first one but loved the end one was awesome and underrated RPG also but one of the great ones.

  • Just an amazing game and one of the best Western RPG games out there, from the story to characters to everything.

  • 9 is an underated final fantasy game and the last psone final fantasy game. just awesome and cute at the same time.

  • 7 is the most overrated final fantasy but i still like because it has a cool story but has some great bosses thats why i really like 7.

  • this doesnt get much love but i really liked it, it was fun and remember having fun with this game and always playing it after school. just really liked it.

  • Fallout is awesome, the first fallout and it ruled from just the wasteland abd what you could do was amazing the best RPG i played on the PC

  • i really like this game it is fun but wack really japanense with going in the tv just a great game takes a while to get into but its great.