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    Legend of Legaia

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Mar 17, 1999

    Legend of Legaia is a Japanese role-playing game for the PlayStation that follows the story of Vahn, a young man out to rid the world of a deadly mist.

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     Start Screen
    Start Screen

    God created the Heavens and the Earth. He then created humans to rule over the world and all its inhabitants. Even though man was created in God's image, and had His spirit, they were much weaker than the many beasts and animals that were spread amongst the world. Soon, the humans were on the verge of being wiped out forever. To aid the humans, God gave them a powerful aid -- the Seru. The Seru were magical creatures that resembled the likeness of precious stones, and when a human came in contact with one, they merged. Once merged with a Seru, the human gained unimaginable powers such as super strength, magic, and in some cases the ability to fly.

    Tragically though, one day a great mist appeared. The mist covered the lands across the Earth, and when a Seru came in contact with it, it lost control and attacked anything and everything. Those humans who had merged with a Seru and came in contact with the mist also were driven insane, and transformed into hideous beasts that attacked anything at random that fell in its sights. With the mist covering most of the Earth, the humans were pushed to extinction once more as only small groups and villages escaped the carnage that came with the mist.

     Will he be late?
    Will he be late?

    Rim Elm is one of the few places still left that houses humans. The only reason it still stands is its giant wall that holds the mist, and the deadly creatures that come with it, at bay. The townsfolk dare to leave the gates only when necessary because of the danger that lurks beyond. Vahn is a young man of Rim Elm, and after witnessing the tragic return of a dead citizen and friend, is forced to defend everything he loves in a fight brought on by the mist breaking through the main wall. Vahn goes to pray at the small tree that sits in the centre of the town, and is confronted by a spirit that clames to be a Ra-Seru. Upon hearing what the Ra-Seru had to say, Vahn brings the townspeople to the tree to pray which causes the tree to come to life and expell the mist from the town. The Ra-Seru merges with Vahn, and they begin their journey to rid the rest of the world of the horrible mist.

    Battle System

     Battle System
    Battle System

    The battle system in LoL is conditional turn-based. Each character has the usual options of attacking, defending, using an item, or running. What makes the battle system unique is that an attack is formed through inputting a combination of directions with the D-pad, each direction corresponding to a different type of physical attack. Certain special combinations are known as Arts, and are saved in a list once they've been executed. Each character has their own unique list of attacks, and they all have a different combination of directions to input. There are also Super arts and Hyper arts which can be learned by reading books found throughout the game, or by talking with certain NPCs.

    You are limited in your actions depending on your AP. Your action bar will expand with leveling, but you also need to power yourself up to max out your input abilities in any given turn. Everyone has a default action bar length, but the more powerful attacks and combinations require more AP.

    Characters with a Ra-Seru can also summon other Serus after they have been absorbed in battle. Absorbing Serus in battle is as easy as fighting them, and they are collected automatically. From there on out you can summon them in battle. Each of them has their own skills and powers, and thus come in handy in different situations. Serus will level up with use, and so their powers will become stronger as well.


    • Vahn: The main character and protagonist of the game. Vahn lives in the town of Rim Elm with his father Val and his little sister Nene. Vahn's weapon of choice is a sword or knife, and controls the Ra-Seru Meta - the fire element. Vahn grew up learning martial arts under Tetsu, a Biron monk, and is an efficient fighter because of it.
    • Noa: Noa is an orphan who was raised by the Ra-Seru Terra. Terra had attached itself to a wolf to better protect Noa while she was growing up. Noa grew up in Snowdrift Cave and lived their her whole life which gave her a very childish and ignorant personality. The world is a mystery to Noa but she is ready to learn and joins Vahn on his quest to rid the world of the mist.
    • Gala: Gala is a Biron Monk, second in command at the monastery and a Master Teacher. He joins up to help Vahn get to one of the Genesis trees, but they arrive too late and the tree has died. He finds a Ra-Seru egg inside the tree, and later on it hatches as Ozma. Against the rules of the monastery, Gala combines with Ozma and joins Vahn and Noa on their journey.


    Seru are separated into 7 different classes: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Thunder, Light and Dark. There are a total of 21 different regular summonable seru. There are also a total of 8 special Ra-Seru that have special requirements to get.

    Fire Seru:

    • Gimard: Burning Attack (10 mp)
    • Zenoir: Vertical Hammer (36 mp)
    • Gola Gola: Spinning Flare (40 mp)

    Water Seru:

    • Gizam: Bubble Crush (28 mp)
    • Freed: Freezing Point (40 mp)
    • Slippery: Deadly Rain (110 mp)

    Earth Seru:

    • Mushura: Crazy Driver (60 mp)
    • Kemaro: Canine Fang (72 mp)
    • Iota: Odd Dimension (90 mp)

    Wind Seru:

    • Swordie: Sonicsizer (24 mp)
    • Nova: Violent Wind (48 mp)
    • Barra: Hell Dive (85 mp)

    Thunder Seru:

    • Theeder: Turning Laser (24 mp)
    • Viguro: Plasma Storm (64 mp)
    • Gilium: Space Cannon (160 mp)

    Light Seru:

    • Vera: Mystic Care (6 mp)
    • Orb: Holy Orb (18 mp)
    • Spoon: Holy Eyes (45 mp)
    • Aluru: Final Blaster (90 mp)

    Dark Seru:

    • Nighto: Hell's Magic (13 mp)
    • Puera: Dream Illusion (120 mp)


    • Terra: Queen Twister (240 mp)
    • Ozma: Voltagor (240 mp)
    • Meta: Inferno (240 mp)
    • Horn: Resurrector (200 mp)
    • Jedo: Deadly Promise (200 mp)
    • Palma: Meteor Cluster (200 mp)
    • Mule: Deep Avalanche (200 mp)
    • Evil Seru Magic (Juggernaut): Dark Eclipse (255 mp)



    • Hyper Elbow: 18 ap (LRL)
    • Charging Scorch: 18 ap (DRU)
    • Somersault: 18 ap (UDU)
    • Slash Kick: 18 ap (UDL)
    • Power Punch: 18 ap (LLD)
    • Cross-Kick: 24 ap (DDDU)
    • Pyro Pummel: 24 ap (LRUL)
    • Spin Combo: 24 ap (UDRL)
    • PK Combo: 24 ap (DUUL)
    • Hurricane: 24 ap (UUDD)
    • Cyclone: 24 ap (DUUU)
    • Tornado Flame: 30 ap (RRL)
    • Fire Blow: 40 ap (RRDL)
    • Burning Flare: 50 ap (RDLDL)
    • Power Slash: 54 ap (DRUDUDL)
    • Fire Tackle: 54 ap (LRLLDRU)
    • Maximum Blow: 54 ap (DRUDLLD)
    • Tri-Somersault: 60 ap (UDUUUDU)
    • Rolling Combo: 66 ap (UDRLLDUUL)
    • Vahn's Craze: 99 ap (RDLULURDL)


    • Lizard Tail: 18 ap (UDU)
    • Acrobatic Blitz: 18 ap (UDD)
    • Sonic Javelin: 18 ap (RDR)
    • Blizzard Bash: 18 ap (RLD)
    • Mirage Lancer: 24 ap (RRUU)
    • Dolphin Attack: 24 ap (RRLR)
    • Bird Step: 24 ap (DDDU)
    • Swan Diver: 24 ap (DUUU)
    • Tough Love: 30 ap (DUDLR)
    • Rushing Gale: 30 ap (UULDR)
    • Tempest Break: 36 ap (RRLUUU)
    • Frost Breath: 40 ap (LLRR)
    • Vulture Blade: 50 ap (LLRLR)
    • Hurricane Kick: 70 ap (LUUUUDR)
    • Super Javelin: 48 ap (UULDRDR)
    • Dragon Fangs: 54 ap (UDUUUDD)
    • Triple Lizard: 66 ap (DDDUUUDU)
    • Super Tempest: 60 ap (RRLRRLUUU)
    • Love You: 72 ap (RRUUDUDLR)
    • Noa's Ark: 99 ap (LURDULUDR)


    • Flying Knee Attack: 18 ap (DUL)
    • Battering Ram: 18 ap (LRD)
    • Ironhead: 18 ap (UDD)
    • Back Punch: 18 ap (LRL)
    • Guillotine: 18 ap (LUL)
    • Head-Splitter: 18 ap (LUU)
    • Side Kick: 24 ap (DDUU)
    • Black Rain: 24 ap (ULDD)
    • Neo Rising: 30 ap (LLRUL)
    • Electro Thrash: 30 ap (ULDRL)
    • Bull Horns: 30 ap (LURDL)
    • Thunder Punch: 30 ap (RRL)
    • Lightning Storm: 40 ap (RRUL)
    • Explosive Fist: 50 ap (RRLLL)
    • Rushing Crush: 54 ap (LRDULUU)
    • Super Ironhead: 54 ap (DULUUDD)
    • Back Punch x2: 54 ap (UDDULRL)
    • Heaven's Drop: 60 ap (DULUULDD)
    • Neo Static Rising: 66 ap (LRLULLRUL)
    • Biron Rage: 99 ap (RRDUDUDLL)


    There are five different mini games in Legend of Legaia. Fishing, Baka-Fighter, Wild Card, Coliseum and Disco Fever.

    • Fishing requires you to use a rod to catch fish. The fish that you catch have point values which are redeemable for specific items.
    • Baka-Fighter is a mini-game where the character uses a combination of button presses to fight enemies. Each enemy has a different pattern of buttons to press and it gets increasingly harder as you continue. You receive coins corresponding to how well you performed. These coins can be used to participate in other mini-games or to purchase items.
    • Wild card is a basic slot machine that gives coins.
    • The Coliseum Zone is a mode that allows you to fight a sequence of enemies. There are three difficulties, beginner, expert and master each which have a different amount of enemies and hindrances. This mini-game rewards items as well as coins.
    • Disco Fever requires Noa to partake in a dance competition. You must press the correct buttons at the correct time during the dance. Upon winning the contest, you are given an item.


    1. Theme of Legaia
    2. Title
    3. Prologue
    4. Rim Elm
    5. Mei
    6. Night Requiem
    7. Mist
    8. Brand of the Holy Knuckles
    9. Quiet Tree of Creation
    10. The Awakening of the Tree of Creation
    11. Barren Fields of Mist
    12. Cave of Warmth
    13. Attack
    14. Lively Imperial Palace
    15. We are the Bairon Militan Priests
    16. Forest of Mystery
    17. A Happening that Could Not be Predicted
    18. The Misty Nest
    19. Songi's First Appearance
    20. My Name is Songi
    21. Disciples of the Mist
    22. Earth of Joy
    23. Light of the Town
    24. Calling of the Relics
    25. Gondola
    26. Wild Declaration
    27. Wanna Wanna
    28. Quiet Destruction
    29. Melody of Memories
    30. Dream, Teague
    31. Hurry Up
    32. Misty Capital
    33. Tower of the Seal
    34. Young Nobleman of the Mist
    35. Noel
    36. Castle of Living Things
    37. Unrivaled Chaos
    38. Destruction of the Castle of Living Things
    39. World of Humans
    40. End Title

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