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Best of 2009

jams: Best of 2009

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  • Best of 9 years let alone 2009 (FOR THE PC). I have to be honest. It seems I got lucky when I bought DA:O on Steam instead of getting it on the 360 or PS3. The game looks like absolute crap on the consoles and the controls look worse.

  • Best Cinematic experience to date. Although I found myself fighting the controls more than the bad guys.

  • A 100x improvement over AC1. The story alone makes the game worth it this time around. Being a 3rd generation Italian American, makes all the jokes that much funnier. They really pulled italian off. Well, they should have added everyone talking about pasta fazule and how that's amore.

  • Well all know why this gets to be in the list.

  • It's like nothing I've ever played before. It is so hard it makes me laugh my butt off when I die because I know I'm not going to get back that far without dying 5 more times. It might as well require a a quarter every time you die because it is as difficult as arcade machines were.

  • The Sims 3 really changed the way you play The Sims. No longer are you confined to your home, everyone ages together, changable texture surfaces. The possibilities seem endless this time.

  • I forgot about this game until I saw it on the GOTY forum. It was a suprise for me. It could have been a full release type game like Little Big Planet (I don't think LBP was origionally suppose to release like it did, but on the PSN).

  • Great dungeon crawler if you want to just jump in and kill some stuff before you head out somewhere. Or you can just sit and play for hours at a time. I picked it up for $10 on a steam sale, so the game is definitely worth a nod for standing out as a fun and cheap game.

  • Even though Prototype came out at the same time, inFAMOUS definately stands out as the better of the two. A unique open world super hero style game where you control electricity. The only problem I had with this game is that you die when you fall in water. Let me tell you, that if your body is full of electricity I'm pretty sure you can't be shocked. If you can suck power out of fuse boxes, you can die from electricity... in water. If anything you should float or it cancels itself out. /rant

  • I hate to add it, but I really ended up liking the single player. I was late to the CoD game when it first came out, but after my friend convinced me to buy the first one (@ $19.95 Expansion) I was hooked. The way they can drag you through a story is second only to half-life.