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Top 10 All Time Favorites

Here are some of the games that are my all time favorite games... of all time.

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  • DAoC was my 2nd MMO that I've ever played. The first being EQ2 that I was enthralled with, but I didn't get past Greater faydark. DAoC changed all of that and it remains in my heart as the best game I've ever experienced. A lot of that was help by my sister (who introduced me to EQ and DAoC) and her friends and my friends. I even joined a guild that had people who knew my sister and her boyfriend. It was like a nice community. Something I'll never get back. I think it was a once in a lifetime event.

    Igraine Hibs for life!

  • The first MMO I ever got a character to max level. Met amazing people on SWG too. I still remember the female wookie doctor that was healing late at night and while I was getting my wounds treated we would talk and later become friends. I miss those people.

  • MGS was the first game I ever beat. I must have been around 12-14 when it came out. Not only did I beat it but I must have beat it 7 times over. My friend and I used to stick C4 to the backs of enemies and throw them over the railing in with the lava below and detonate the c4 before they hit. We laughed our asses off and made funny mock noises of the guys falling. I also loved every other Metal Gear Solid from 2-4. I actually even played the origional Metal Gear when I was too little to know what it was.

  • Closest game that comes to open world sandbox with solid gameplay. I enjoyed every minute spent in this game and it seemed like there was always something new to find.

  • I played Morrowind first, but Oblivion really got me started. It made me wish that MMO's were more like it. I wanted it to be more sandboxy and more survivalist (eating food and drinking etc) but that's asking too much. Logged in many many hours.

  • My favorite skating game of all time. It was more technical than Tony Hawks Pro Skater and the music and art style was more urban. Has one of the greatest soundtracks of any game. I'd spend hours just free roaming around.

  • I spent endless hours playing this game. CS has/had the best gameplay of any FPS. It'll keep you coming back (until you get awp'ed 100 times in a row and rage quit). It was also fun to download skin mods for the guns. It used to take almost all day to download a 1MB gun skin on my 56k that'd only max at about 1.1KBPS. Those were the days.

  • I didn't think any game could top CS multiplayer, but then TF2 came along. It's one of the most well developed online games to have come out and it only got better with each updates. I wonder if there will ever be a game to top it. You can get a completely different experience with each class that you choose. I don't think I can choose a favorite class because they are all really fun in their own ways.

  • This was my favorite fishing game from back in the day. The version I played was on the PC. It was only 2d over the shoulder, but it played better than the 3D fishing games of the time.

  • I became a man after playing this game. Shake it baby!