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  • jazzylament posted a message on the post Silent Hill 1 - 01.

    Oh man, Jess' knowledge of silent hill trivia is amazing. I have played this series to the death, but every 15 minutes it feels like she mentions something that I had never heard about. I'm excited to...

  • jazzylament posted a message in the forum topic What are people's initial impressions of Destruction Allstars? Mine are...not great.. on the Destruction Allstars board

    The more I play it, the more I enjoy it, but I've been playing mostly Carnado.Initially i felt pretty burned because it seemed so shallow for a $70 game, especially when the challenge series is locked...

  • jazzylament posted a message in the forum topic Rock Band Rivals crews?. on the Rock Band 4 board

    I'm on PS4 with the tag JazzyLament and I tried joining a few groups but still waiting on the meanwhile, I created an open group called Abandon Pants if you'd like to join!

  • jazzylament posted a message in the forum topic Monster Hunter - Exclusive Official Trailer (2020) Milla Jovovich, Tony Jaa. on the General Discussion board

    They said Palicos and Meowscular Chef are in the film, so there probably is going to be at least some quirkiness, not that you could tell from the trailer. Cowards xD