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Games I Will Accept As Your Answer to the Question "What Is The Greatest Game Ever Made?"

Different people with different upbringings in different eras mean that everyone's going to have a different answer to the question. 
For the record, when people ask me, I usually say Tetris. It's certainly not my favorite game of all-time, but if you look at its popularity and the wide-rangning effect it had on games, it always seems like the most logical answer. 
Though GoldenEye is a somewhat common response for this list, I do not accept it as an answer. Just because you were in college at the time of its release and you and your "bros" got "really high" and "played GoldenEye" doesn't make it an all-time great.

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  • If you remove all of your personal feelings from the matter, this is probably the right answer. You know what? I could probably go the rest of my life without ever playing Tetris ever again and be totally OK with that.

  • Sure, it's up there. One of those "phenomenon" type of games.

  • This is not the right answer, but I see how someone could think that MGS is the greatest game ever made.

  • Yeah, OK. I see where you're coming from.

  • If I was like 12 or something when the Xbox was released, I might be right there with you. Well... probably not, actually. But I can see why someone would say Halo. They'd be wrong, but hey, you're young, you probably don't know any better.

  • It's no Super Mario World, but I understand why people love it so.

  • This answer always strikes me as a little pretentious. Great game, though.

  • OK, yeah, you're with the whole "coin shortage in Japan" angle here. I feel you. But... what about Galaga? Less of an impact, yeah, but it's better in every way.

  • Doom has a Tetris-like ubiquity to it that continues to this day. I remember someone made Doom run on the first digital camera I ever owned. Weirdos. It's almost sad that Doom is still the blueprint for so many of today's first-person shooters.

  • You're weird if you're giving this as your answer and probably aren't to be trusted. Greatest Sonic game? Yes. Greatest game ever? No.

  • I understand this game practically made you drop out of college.