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My Most Anticipated Games of E3 2018 [REVISED]

With the show over, I've revised this list after letting the hype die down (or some cases, ramp up).

List items

  • Sure, we haven't SEEN any gameplay from Cyberpunk 2077, but the descriptions of the nearly hour-long gameplay demo shown to press sounds INCREDIBLE. CD Projekt Red is one of the best development houses on the planet. I have no doubt in my mind they're going to knock this out of the fucking park. I am absolutely foaming at the mouth for this game.

  • Insomniac making a Spider-Man game is one of my dreams come true. There's not a company on this planet better suited for the task of making a truly great Spider-Man game. I love the look of the combat, the traversal, and the character designs. Hurry up, September.

  • IO Interactive gave us the best Hitman game to date two years ago, and the sequel looks like it's going to be more of that glorious assassination sandbox that I spent so much time with. Gimme.

  • Chris Avellone working on this game sold me on it. That dude has worked on some of the greatest western RPGs of all time. The original Dying Light was a lot of fun, but adding a real, living world into the mix is something that could really put this game at the top of some Game of the Year lists.

  • Sure, it's not a traditional Fallout game, but that's a good thing. Putting a survival game in the Fallout universe is kind of a no brainer. It's something new a different for BGS, and I think they'll pull it off.

  • Boy I wish I could put this higher. I'm still super excited, and I always will be for Bioware games. But the gameplay demo we got was a bit... flat. Poorly edited and didn't do enough to show us the true gameplay. I want to know more about this. Not just the gameplay loop, but the systems at play and the story. A Destiny-clone is fine, but I want to know how much of the Bioware style is actually going into this. If this game is just EA trying to cash in on an emerging genre, it could fall VERY flat.

  • It's 2018 and I'm excited for a Rage sequel. Getting Avalanche on board was a genius call from Bethesda. DOOM meets Just Cause and I'm getting giddy just thinking about it.

  • This game absolutely game out of nowhere, but it's definitely on my radar now. Seriously, go watch the trailer. It's a sidescrolling, physics-based version of Strangehold. Gonna be a lot of fun.

  • Just the words "A samurai action game from Sucker Punch" is enough to get my attention.

  • The gameplay demo was absolutely phenomenal, even if it featured a lot of scripted moments. There seems to be a lot of smart improvements in the moment-to-moment gameplay, and I'm eager to see more about the story.

  • Assassin's Creed Origins marked a pretty sharp turn for the franchise, and Odyssey is set to build on that in a number of ways. They're quickly moving away from the old formula, and taking a lot of lessons from The Witcher both in combat design and story/mission structure. Odyssey could bring a lot of people back to a franchise that lost it's way for a few years.

  • I was really worried about the state of this game for a long time, but it seems like it's coming together. A lot of Just Cause inspiration in some of the action and weaponry, which is a great choice. Bonus: Terry Crews.

  • This game is looking like it'll be well worth the wait. I love the look of this game, and there's a lot of passionate people working on it.

  • Odd-numbers Devil May Cry games are the best Devil May Cry games. DmC blew my fucking mind a few years back with it's style and amazing boss fights. Hopefully angry fanboys stop raging about haircuts and give this one a chance.

  • Dontnod has my support for anything they want to make in the future thanks to the absolutely stellar Life is Strange. They've proven they're masters in the choice-based narrative genre, and this story looks like it could end up even darker than Life is Strange. Sign me up.

  • This is looking a lot like a spiritual successor to Tenchu, and I'm all on board with that. I'm glad to see FromSoftware moving away from the Souls-like games, since those have never really been my cup of tea.

  • It's Smash. of course it's on my list. But also... it's Smash. It's nothing new. I'll enjoy it, but it's not as exciting as the other stuff here.

  • I want to be more excited for this, but Quantum Break wasn't great. I still love Remedy as a developer, and I hope they learned from the failings of Quantum Break and are able to integrate the shooting and abilities more effectively. Press impressions were mostly positive, so maybe it will come together.


    But really, there's no gameplay out there for this. I would assume we'll get more of the same awesome action from DOOM 2016, but until that day, I can't put this much higher.

  • Similarly to DOOM Eternal, I'm excited for this game as a longtime Halo fan, but I can't put this very high on the list without seeing some actual gameplay.