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'PIXEL PARTNERS' The world's first video game character dating service!

Are you a single, lonely and slightly desperate individual looking for fun, adventure and health boosting? Then why not experience the excitement of PIXEL PARTNERS   the world's first dating service for single, lonely and slightly desperate video game characters! Just take a look at our vast database of singles, and who knows, maybe you'll find your dream date to go questing (or even score a few 1ups with). And with our impressive 53% success rate* we're sure you'll be waggling joysticks together in no time!  
Please note, all applications will be dealt with the strictest confidentiality**. 
*Partners mortailty rate not withstanding.
**We promise to only mock you amongst our staff, because we care.

List items

  • Hey, my name's Dominic but my friends, well friend, calls me Dom. I'm a recently widowed hard working guy who's looking for that special someone to help me come to terms with the loss of that last special someone. I'm currently serving in the Marines but if you ever needed me I would just drop what I'm doing and cross an entire war zone to be with you. My interests include chainsaws and photography, and my personal dislikes include jogging and sub-terrainian dwelling 6 foot tall anthropomorphic lizards. The ideal partner for me would be around 5'5, with long brown hair, and due to some rather ill-conceived tattoos preferably named Maria.

  • Hey what's up geeks! My names Judy Nails and I don't have long to write this so I'll keep it short and sweet, like me;) I'm what you call a self-made rockstar and a video game phenomenon. My band started out in a basement doing Joan Jett covers, then we moved on to playing Clapton songs on poorly rendered stages. But it was after we released our album of 80's covers that a big company offered us bags of cash to sell out, and like all true punk rockers that's exactly what I did! Now I appear on 5 games a year jamming with the greats like Metallica, Rush, Jimi Hendrix and the Beastie Boys. The kinda guy I'm looking for must be able to shred, wail and scream, yet be sensitive to my needs, like my need to have a bowl of M&M's backstage with all the brown ones taken out. And if I ever catch him listening to anything after the Black Album, he'll find himself tied to my TV as it flies out of my hotel window.

  • Hi my name is Anakin, but my friends call me 'Darth Vader' or 'My Lord'. I'm a disabled single parent, and currently to make ends meet I hold two jobs. Firstly I am the chief technical engineer of a large construction company with some sizable projects nearing completion. Secondly I'm employed by the government as part of their newly formed 'Anti-Terrorism Response Team', in which we combat insurgency and safeguard freedom. In my spare time I like performing magic tricks and giving advice to teenagers on family planning. If you want the force to be with you, call me and maybe you'll feel my presence.

  • Hiel my name is Adolf. I'm a shy painter and decorator from Austria. I like taking long Goosesteps in the park and snuggling up close beside a warm pyre of burning literature. I'm planning a trip across Poland soon and the kind of girl I'd like to take with me should have a love of politics, small mustaches, social engineering and cyanide. Recently I've had the opportunity to write a book, although criticism has never been something I've been able to accept, so it's probably best not to mention it. I have had a few dependency issues in the past so I'm really looking for someone to be with me till the end (P.S- Ladies with a surnames that end in the letters '_witz' need not apply).

  • Hello. I'm a small friendly dragon called Yoshi. I've just come from a rather abusive relationship where my long-term partner would regularly jump on me, force me to carry him great distances, bash me over the head at whim and leave me to take care of his detestable offspring. I also had quite miserable upbringing as my siblings would tease me for being born green, and as such not being able to fly or shoot fireballs as well as they can. You would imagine all of this would leave me with little in the way of self confidence, however I have found the courage to become a pro tennis player and golfer, a champion kart racer, and have recently started training for an Olympic medal. Ideally I'd like to meet someone who shares my passion for mushrooms and my love of quality footwear.

  • Hey Ladies, my name's Bret Motherfucking Michaels! I was the lead singer of Poison, yeah that's right Poison! We were the most awesome metal band who ever high-kicked in spandex, and our makeup was totally righteous! Unfortunately I had to swap my back-combed locks for goofy looking cowboy hats when the government found out our hairspray usage had made a hole in the ozone layer as big as Gene Simmons ego! (just kidding Gene). Anyway did you see the show 'Rock of Love' where I got all those fine-ass girls to do all that kinky shit? It was rad wasn't it? Flava ain't got shit on me! (just kidding Flava) so If you have a great rack and obvious self-esteem issues why not gimme a call? Who knows you might even get your own spin off show!

  • Hi my name's Tim and I'm a hero. nialliv a m'I yllautcA. My last notable relationship ended pretty poorly when my girlfriend was captured by a horrible brute. 'ruomra gninihs ni thgink' reh yb deucser saw ehs tcaf nI. She was so happy to see that I had come to rescue her. yawa nar dna eltsac a ni reh dekcol I dessip ytterp saw ehS. Anyway I've learned from my mistakes and I'll try not to make them again. ti wonk uoy erofeb eltsac taht ni eb ll'uoy em htiw etad a no og uoy fI. Call me. uoy kcuF.

  • Hi guys my names Louis and I'm an habitual drug user. They told me the first step to recovery is admittance, and I think it's only right to admit I've been clean for coming up to 38 minutes now. I feel I'm doing really well, but I'm always afraid I'll slip back into my old ways. I'm looking for a strong person to depend on when things get rough, when the chips are down, and when the medicine cabinet is locked. I'm looking for someone with a no-nonsense attitude who is always willing to get me back on my feet. Someone with a manly goatee and cut-off leather vest exposing tattooed rippling muscles signifying a hint of danger. In short someone who wont hate me for what I am.

  • Hello, my name's Alma and all my friends at the lab say I'm crazy. Whenever we have a party like Christmas or when a new batch of clones are ready, I always try to liven the mood with a few conjuring tricks or some levitation. People really seem to enjoy that cause they scream and shout, and it makes me happy. I recently broke up with what I thought was a really nice guy, I'd been following him for a while and I thought he liked me. But as soon as he found out I was Pregnant he seemed to disappear. Anyway, no-one gets the better of me, not him, not my father and not you.Be warned I'm a keeper.

  • Tall, slim, athletic male (41) seeks enthusiastic game developer (non-smoker), for moonlit rolls down virtual boulevards. Must be into fun and excitement with an air of unpredictability and spontaneity. Definitely not interested in a partners that get overly jealous of a little competition and treat me like dirt. Turn-on's include flying 60 feet in the air while rotating 6-7 times, on fire. Turn-off's include collectors of replica plastic crap, my front room is full of it, and the real thing is usually cheaper.