Great games of 2021

Games I loved in 2021. Likely includes older games.

List items

  • Lot of fun playing this with my kid.

    The assist mode options to turn off Oops let him play with less anxiety. The characters and dialogue were enjoyable and he loved the boss battles.

    It was a bit long, but I think it did well to shake things up.

  • This is the first plot-free card battler that got me hooked. It's not that hard to "win", but then you can layer on all kinds of additional challenge. So instead of being pummeled with loss after loss like other run based games, you get to enjoy some wins as you learn about card combos.

    My kid loves it too -- great boss battles.

  • Haven't finished, but I'm really loving it. So tense. This is the closest to a horror game that I can enjoy. I'm really reluctant to get alien powers because I like my turrets.

  • Fun shooter with some good characters. Hated the final boss, but dropping it down to easy and playing predator to take him down was fun if disappointing.

  • I found the puzzles in Path of Giants boring at first. I only kept with it because it captured the imagination of my son. He solved some of the levels (either in part or in whole) and fully solved many of the pipe dream level end puzzles.

    Once the game got to the paired suspended platforms (one goes up and the other down), the puzzles were finally interesting for me and a bit hard for him (but he still made progress!).

    A surprise hit. This game was wonderful father-son time. The final puzzle was good, but the story bit at the end was very disappointing. The Winterland extra content was surprisingly deep.

    Started late 2020, but finished in 2021

  • Started in 2020 and fell off.

  • Eggplant podcast had a series on this and I got back into it, but it's melancholy in a way that drive me away. Not sure if I'll finish it.