Bad Girls

The kind of girls your mom always warned you about!

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  • The La Femme Nikita of the Resident Evil Universe. As deadly as she is beautiful. Ada's loyalty is only to herself. Generally cold and uncaring, the only person she seems to risk anything other than her own well being for is Leon S. Kennedy, a fact that Ada is aware of but most likely doesn't understand to this day.

  • Originally a good girl, Jill is abducted by Wesker and experimented on. Turned into a mindless killing machine, Jill demonstrates that has abilities far superior to any normal human now.

  • In a field previously dominated by Indiana Jones, Lara not only holds her own but at times comes ahead. With looks to bewitch any man (and some women), Lara is a Bad Girl in every way shape or form.

  • What's not to like about a beautiful and strong woman that fights dinosaurs? Absolutely nothing. Not to mention that her outfit looks very nice on Jill Valentine (ala RE3).