My PS3 games

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  • Take the 2D Zeldas, and put them in a 3D graphical style (while still basically playing in 2D). A very fun game, quite challenging, too.

  • Came with AC:Revelations for PS3. Already played it on 360. Might do it all again one day.

  • I love this game. Borrowed the 360 version from a friend, got halfway through, bought the PS3 version, kept playing the 360 version to completion, then immediately started PS3 version and played it to completion, too.

  • The first game made in the last ten years to make my Top 5 list.

    It's AC2, only better. That's practically impossible in and of itself.

    Then they added an awesome multiplayer mode.

  • In terms of mechanics, this is better than Brotherhood.

    However, the game seemed to lack... something. It felt small compared to Brotherhood.

  • The end of the original trilogy? Who knows. This game was a mixed bag. I liked the Frontier, and the hunting was interesting enough, but I missed the rooftop action, and the game's economy/trade system was terrible. It's a good thing you didn't really need to bother with it. I didn't find this assassin's coming of age story as interesting, compelling or likeable as Ezio's, but it was better than Altair's.

    The naval battles were good fun, and the Wolfpack mode in multiplayer was also quite enjoyable.

  • If not for how quickly Ubisoft abandoned the community challenges, I would've 100%ed this game. I've not played another AC game since.

  • Ended up playing the PC version instead. Amazing games.

  • Ended up playing the PC version instead. I don't get the hate - this game was brilliant.

  • See backlog.

  • Hmm. This game is a bit... inconsistent. It's better than GT4 in quite a few ways, but it's worse in some others. I like the car roster and the endurance races. I don't like the way the used car dealership works, or the sparse range of events.

  • See backlog.

  • It's a lot like Burnout Paradise with NFS elements. Unfortunately, the NFS elements detract from the game. Burnout Paradise 2 would've been more fun.

  • The only flaw of this game was the terrible system for catching the familiars.

  • I remember I enjoyed it. I don't remember too much else. Take that as you will.

  • I don't quite know how to rate this game. The art style is great, and the music is very catchy, too. The gameplay is solid but gets repetitive. Most of the levels seem fairly easy, but you do get frequent checkpoints and unlimited lives, which would make almost any game relatively easy anyway.

    However, I have a love/hate relationship with the Skull Teeth levels. They look like platform levels, but they're actually just QTEs. You don't really play the level, so much as you go through trial and error to learn the sequence of button presses required to complete the cutscene. The bosses are similar - every boss fight will take you a few lives to learn the pattern required to succeed.