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Best of 2010

LeYcH: Best of 2010

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  • At first, it seemed like Ubisoft was just wanting our money, focusing on a pointless multi player with a half assed single player but this was not the case, the multi player can be frustrating at times but still fun, the single player progresses the story slightly and all the little additions and sidequests makes the game so much better.

  • Almost forgot about this game, thought it was released in 2009

  • Another year another PES game, thought it'd be another disappointment like 2009 and 2010 but surprisingly, it's actually good.

  • Despite it being £10, I put countless hours into this game!

  • Loved Persona 4, went to play Persona 3 but the I missed some of the features in Persona 4 which ultimately made me lose interest, but then along game P3P! on the PSP!

  • A solid entry in the Kingdom Hearts series! definitely one of the best games in the series despite it being on the PSP.

  • A nice change of pace from all the shooter games that you'll find,

    I liked the fact that the ending will change depending on what you do.

  • Really fun game, mainly because I dominated online and never came below half way on the scoreboard.