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Closure Review - shedding some light into the shadows and darkness 0

Closure is an indie puzzle platformer with a great art house feel. With its dark claustrophobic aesthetic, heavy ominous sound and light/shadow mechanic, the title provides a unique and arresting audio/visual experience and a refreshing and inventive gameplay.This isn’t a game that cares to explain anything about itself. It simply drops you into its world after you get through the menu screen and you are to figure out everything on your own (you can even die in the hub world). This approach and ...

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The Unfinished Swan - Review 0

I bought The Unfinished Swan when it was 75% off as a PS+ member and I do think its regular price at $15 is a bit steep. That being said, I can't recommend this game enough. I do think Journey stole it's thunder and it shouldn't have because there is plenty of room for both of these small games.I won't go into the story of the game as you can read it on the wiki page but it's beautiful, charming and well told. What's more is that it's incredibly well integrated to the visual style of the game wh...

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Catherine Review 0

Note:1. The game is rated out of 5 stars, no half stars.2. This is a review of the PS3 version.3. The overall score is not mathematically derived from the scores of the different components reviewed.Catherine is 2/3 block-puzzle, 1/3 dating-simulation developed & published by Atlus. The promotions leading up to the release of this M rated game presented a provocative tail of sex & nightmare. However, the actual product is much more tamed and leave a lot more to be desired.Story: 3/5You p...

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