Characters that might be Don Paolo in disguise

Don Paolo has taken on a number of different disguises in the Professor Layton series, but what about other series? Well, Don Paolo certainly gets around, so I've created a list of ten characters that I think might be Don Paolo in disguise.
Spoilers for various series appear below, assuming I've predicted correctly, so be careful out there.

List items

  • We never get to see what Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 looks like under that helmet. I'm betting he looks a lot like Don Paolo.

  • Don Paolo is a master of disguise. Wario is also a <a href="/wario-master-of-disguise/61-9071/">master of disguise</a>. But what if Wario is actually Don Paolo <em>disguised</em> as Wario <em>pretending</em> to be a master of disguise? If anyone could pull it off, it's Don Paolo.

  • Watch out for that Don Paolo. He'll disguise himself as one of your own and then stab you in the back.

  • Come on now, Naoto. Everyone can tell you're really a girl. Or are you? Perhaps that was just a ruse to hide your <em>true identity</em>.

  • All of them.

  • Fun fact: Brad Shoemaker was actually replaced by a Skrull in early 2009.

  • Peter Molyneux is a master of deception. He's also British. I find that suspicious.

  • Jack the Ripper's true identity has remained a mystery for over 120 years. But what if Jack the Ripper is really Don Paolo? Perhaps this is a side to his character that will be explored in the new M-rated spin-off series that I've just announced.

  • When disguised as Ditto Don Paolo can take on the appearance and abilities of any Pokémon, the appeal of which should be obvious. That'll show that Professor Layton who's boss!

  • Phoenix Wright is Don Paolo, Maya is a robot, Labyrinth City is located in an underground cave, and the Story Teller is just hallucinogenic gas. I think I have Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright figured out already.