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Nintendo Wi-Fi Disconnection: The Final Smash

This is what we've all been waiting for. The final week of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The final week of me playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The final week of me blogging about it.

When I left last time, I had just unlocked Solid Snake. This week, more characters will be unlocked. There will also be big Subspace Emissary spoilers, so watch out for that.

Day 15: But First Let's Talk About That Trophy Gallery

The Trophy Gallery. The place where all the trophies you've collected hang out and do nothing, because they're just trophies. Trophies are sorted by series. Donkey Kong and Yoshi have their own series separate from Mario's. Sonic's series is called SONIC THE HEDGEHOG. It's in all caps, and it is the only one like that. I have to assume Sega insisted, but it looks wrong when the others don't get the same treatment.

Each trophy tells you two of the games that entity has appeared in, and the logo of the platform the game appeared on. When I first unlocked Sonic I noticed that the logo for SONIC THE HEDGEHOG (1991) was absent altogether. When you're working with Sega to get Sonic, why not get the Genesis logo too?

But then I beat classic mode with Snake and get his trophy. Metal Gear Solid is listed as one of his games, and now it makes perfect sense why they didn't bother using the Genesis/Mega Drive logo. If they give that treatment to one third-party character they should do that for both of them, and no one at Nintendo or at Sony Computer Entertainment would allow the PlayStation logo to appear in the game. So instead you see only Nintendo logos.

The fact that they even acknowledge PlayStation-exclusive games is impressive enough.Day 16: Klone KongBack to Subspace I go. Team Magic Children (Lucas and Pokemon Trainer) and the Caped Crusaders (Marth, Ike, and Meta Knight) are each forced into battle with a giant robot. And then they just barely manage to escape capture somehow.Pit tries to take on the Ancient Minister himself but fails. It's unclear who survives the skirmish.

And then a shadow duplicate is created from trophicated Diddy Kong. Diddy Kong himself is saved, and joins the fight against himself. Apparently that's possible.Day 17: Fox Only, Final Destination

"Me only, no items, final destination!" Fox made an awesome face, and gave a thumbs up. His blaster malfunctioned and exploded. Fox died

— Fanfiction_txt (@fanfiction_txt) April 12, 2014

It's about time I learned how to use a "serious" character in this crossover fighting game that ends with a fight against a giant hand. I select Fox and take him through classic mode. Then I do the same with Falco, since they're basically the same character.

That was totally fine, but I don't think I'd enjoy playing just Fox with no items. The items and the randomness help make Smash Bros. fun.

No Caption Provided

I then return to Subspace. Samus gets her Power Suit back and fights Ridley. She defeats him, but he'll be back. He always comes back.

Day 18: Hidden in Plain Sight

Loads of new characters are added to the Subspace Emissary roster, though none that I haven't unlocked yet in the main game. The Ice Climbers join the story. I'm not sure why. Does anyone outside of Nintendo really care about Nana and Popo?

Wait, really? They share a character page here on the site? That seems wrong. Shouldn't we rectify that?

Who would have guessed?
Who would have guessed?

The cardboard box seen on day 12 shows up again. Someone comes out. It's Snake!

Snake tries to hide from Meta Knight and Lucario, but Lucario can see through the box. Uh oh! But more enemies appear, so they set aside their differences to fight them off.

Peach and Zelda are finally freed. Peach and Sheik save Mr. Game and Watch, unlocking him for all modes. Hey, where did Zelda go?

Day 19: He Has Metal Joints

Samus and Peach race through the Subspace Bomb Factory and come face to face with the Ancient Minister himself. As more heroes catch up with them, a holographic Ganondorf reveals himself. He orders the R.O.B. units to attack the Ancient Minister. The Ancient Minister's ministering outfit is destroyed revealing him as a R.O.B. himself.

Refusing to be a part of Holo-Ganon's plot any longer, R.O.B. joins Team Nintendo. With his help, Team Nintendo defeat Meta Ridley and escape the Halberd with seven seconds to spare. They live, but a gigantic Subspace Portal is opened.

R.O.B. is now playable. Events 21-28 are unlocked.

Day 20: May 20, 2014

In Subspace Emissary, Team Amazing Heroes take on Ganondorf and Bowser. With their awesome ship destroyed, the villains retreat to Subspace. Our heroes follow.

Ganondorf works alone, except when he works with Master Hand. Bowser is of no use to him any more, so the Koopa King is turned into a trophy.

Master Hand is in fact being controlled by a figure known as Tabuu. Master Hand tries to break free of Tabuu's control. Tabuu is unimpressed and quickly puts an end to Master Hand's nonsense. Team Nintendo show up just in time for Tabuu to trophify them and steal their stage data.

King Dedede's King Dedede badge, which I never mentioned before, allows Luigi and Ness to break free from the trophination spell. Luigi, Ness and Dedede make their way to Bowser, collecting the trophies of their fallen friends along the way. They reach Bowser, and Dedede defeats and subsequently frees him. When Bowser sees what Tabuu has done, he joins the heroes' team.

More heroes and villains are saved and forced to work together. They begin to ascend the magic staircase atop which lies the magic stage orbs.

Today is May 20, 2014. I try to get onto the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection for the last time, and am met with the following message:

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service for this software has been discontinued. Visit for a list of current Wi-Fi Connection-compatible software.

It's too late. I failed to stop Tabuu in time, and he has destroyed the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Day 21: The Great Maze

Previously I had used the final day of each week to play some other game (Super Smash Bros. (N64) on day 7, Mario Kart Wii on day 14). But I will not do that today. I am so close to the end of Subspace Emissary, I cannot simply leave it like this.

Not the Great Maze
Not the Great Maze

The only level that remains is the Great Maze. It is much larger than any other level. As it is created from the stage data Tabuu stole, it actually contains parts of previous levels stitched together. It is also filled with every boss previously fought.

I complete the Great Maze and beat every boss. Now it's time to face Tabuu. Sonic appears, launches the first attack against Tabuu, and then the real fight begins.

Unfortunately, by the time I accomplish this it is late and I need sleep. I did not want to do this, but I will need an extra day.

Dawn of a New Day

I fight Tabuu again and again, failing every time. I have six characters to do this with, but it's not enough. I apply more stickers to increase my characters' damage, realize they don't stack, and replace them with better sticker combinations.

After several more attempts, Fox finally manages to land a final blow on Tabuu. Locations are recreated from the recovered location data and the world is restored.

The credits finally roll. As Suda 51's name scrolls by in the special thanks section, I finally take notice of the pun.

Subspace Emissary is 89% complete. I have several new songs available. I can now do boss battles.

There are also three characters that remain locked. These are all things I will do later, but you will be spared from the details.

No Caption Provided

I really liked this game. The online had issues that prevented me from getting full enjoyment out of it, but single-player was very satisfying. The Subspace Emissary adventure mode had much more content than I was expecting, and there is still reason for me to go back to it.

I'm looking forward to playing the new Super Smash Bros. for 3DS / for Wii U too when it comes out. I'm sure the online will have improved, and hopefully the skills I've learned these past three-ish weeks will actually be useful.


Nintendo Wi-Fi Disconnection: Super Smash Bros. Brawl Week 2

Last week I launched a brand new weekly blog series about playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl in the final weeks of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, and this week I bring you a new episode. Because it's weekly.

Let's recap. Last week I played some online, beat Classic mode with several characters, played Subspace Emissary, built some custom stages, and basically wasted a bunch of time until I finally unlocked Sonic. Now let's talk week 2.

Day 8: Friends Don't Let Friends Spindash

Today I decide to bring Sonic through Classic mode. Sonic vs. Team Sonic is a confusing fight for some reason, even though I'm sure I've done similar fights before. Sonic's "Congratulations" screen depicts the destined battle between Sonic and Mario. This is what we've been waiting seventeen years for.

However, that is not what I wanted to discuss today. Today I want to talk to you about the dangers of spindashing. You may have seen your friends spindash and thought it looked cool. You may have considered doing it yourself. But I am here to tell you that it is not, you should not, and you're an idiot. Just this evening I saw a gigantic hedgehog, so hopped up on spindashes, it was awful. He attempted to spindash in my direction, and just shot right off the screen and died. A real tragedy. Kids, don't spindash. You will regret it, if you're lucky enough to live that long.

Day 9: The Greedy King

Wario is gleefully collecting trophies when King Dedede tricks him and steals all his trophies. What a dick. I never trusted that guy.

But hang on. Does this mean all the villains are working on their own, and not as a team? Why? What do they hope to accomplish individually? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Day 10: Actual Online Stuff

I spectated a lot today. When spectating online matches you can bet coins on who you think will win, and earn more coins and stickers if you're right. You can't see the names of the players, so it helps if you have an idea of who the best characters are.

This is a mode that works well on the Wii U GamePad. You can be watching TV or whatever and not pay any attention to the matches. The matches happen whether you pay attention to them or not, and it makes a specific noise when it's time to bid on the next match. I'm earning stickers without even playing.

After doing this for a little bit, I end up with 21 brand new stickers that I've never had before and I didn't even have to play the game. This is really easy!

I also decide to play one online match to verify that I am actually improving. I choose Ike, and I end up getting three KOs and only one fall. For this match, that's enough to win. Yes! Only took ten days.

Day 11: Events and Targets

Today I play through some of the events. These are unique situations that don't exist in Classic mode. Stages and characters are preset, and the goal is to complete some task without dying.

In one event, I take the role of Link and must defeat Dark Link. In this event Dark Link has HP that must be fully depleted, like with Master Hand in Classic mode. The goal isn't to knock him out of the stage. Just... defeat him.

I get to the Wario Bros. event. Playing as Wario in a stage based on Mario Bros., I have to defeat both brothers. There's nothing outstanding about the event itself, but completing it unlocks the Mario Bros. stage for use outside of this mode.

I reach event 20 and beat it, but it just stops there. It seems like there should be more. I guess I haven't unlocked them all.

I finish the day by clearing Target Smash level 5 with Kirby, which gets me Lucario. If I want to clear this level with any other character, I probably will need to plan a route properly.

Day 12: Research

Today is all about the Subspace Emissary.

Link is in a forest and pulls out the Master Sword from its pedestal. Are we in the Lost Woods? Yoshi's also here, sleeping. He helps when the Primids show up. A cardboard box is spotted.

Samus breaks into a research facility and rescues Pikachu from some sort of electricity extraction machine. Who is responsible for this? Certainly not Team Rocket. Those guys never accomplish anything.

We rejoin Link and Yoshi. Bowser has finally succeeded in trophying Peach and recruiting her to fight on his side. Link and Yoshi defeat her, but when Mario and Pit show up they are not happy to see her as a trophy.

Mario and Pit are defeated. They turn into trophies. King Dedede comes to collect his prizes. But Kirby will have none of that. He frees Mario and Pit, everyone forgives each other, and now they are a team of five.

The other ongoing plot thread is a mission to become the very best like no one ever was. While attempting to catch 'em all, Pokémon Trainer and Lucas run into Wario and manage to turn him into a trophy. Whatever. That guy had nothing left to lose.

Day 13: Snaaaaaake!

After a brawl on Shadow Moses Island, Snake finally decides to show up. Where were you the other fourteen times I fought here? I activate my Final Smash and show him my pokemans, and that's that.

Snake uses a lot of projectile and explosive-based attacks, and his forward smash has significant knockback. Me likey.

Day 14: 50cc

"Gee, it sure is great for a day of kart racing, eh Daisy?" Peach commented as she slapped Daisy on the butt.

— Fanfiction_txt (@fanfiction_txt) May 12, 2014

Today I tackle each of the available 50cc cups, unlocking the rest as I go. Once I beat the Lightning Cup, the credits roll. Now I can play 50cc with bikes as well.

I jump into the online, and do decently well. Unfortunately, I am not immune to disconnects and these cause my VR to go down. It's never going to increase if this keeps up. Oh well.

Next week: More Super Smash Bros. Brawl!


Nintendo Wi-Fi Disconnection: Super Smash Bros. Brawl Week 1

Last week I finally bought Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I've been ignoring the game for the past eight or nine years or however long it's been since release, but with the impending death of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and the upcoming release of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, I figured it was time to finally play the game. I'll try to play online while I still have the opportunity, and I'll hopefully improve my skills. It's been a few years since I last played Super Smash Bros. Melee, and I'm probably pretty rusty. I will spend three weeks playing this game, and then it will disappear forever no longer work online.

Day 1: The First Day

I start the game and connect my Classic Controller Pro. The Wii Remote would also work, but I want something closer to the GameCube controller I'm used to. I guess I could buy an adapter that allows me to use a GameCube controller as a Classic Controller, but that's just an obstacle to me playing this game so stop suggesting these ideas guys.

I want to try losing first to get a sense for how I improve, so I select the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection option. My friend code is 3311-9172-6672. I can now enter my profile name. It's not really clear what this is used for, but who am I to say no. Names are limited to five letters. I fumble with the T9 keyboard until the name ANDY appears on screen.

I have the option to spectate a match, but since I prefer to get my ass kicked first I select a "basic brawl". This is referred to as a "quick brawl with someone, somewhere". My first match proves to be full of lag and I eventually get disconnected. I try a second match, and managed to get two KOs and four falls. I need practice, but that's what these next three weeks are for.

I play Classic mode as Link and beat Master Hand. Suddenly Marth appears! We brawl for a bit until I activate my Final Smash and kill him. Now I can play as Marth, just like old times.

In the Character Roll Call I shot 78 out of 85 targets. So uh, are there credits elsewhere in this game? In previous iterations this is where you'd shoot the credits. They aren't here and I don't know where they are

.I head to the coin launcher to use up the coins I've earned. I get a Cyndaquil trophy and a Chikorita trophy, as well as Jill, Peppy and Sukapon stickers. I don't know what a Sukapon is, and it isn't in our wiki.

Day 2: Let's Subspace

Today I'm going to play the Subspace Emissary. I select Normal difficulty because I don't know what I'm doing.

Apparently Peach and Zelda are running an illegal fighting league, and Mario and Kirby are the combatants. The game allows me to select which of the two I want to play as. After Mario kicks Kirby's ass some weird robot spirits come in and we have to work together to defeat them.

Oh no some bad guy appears. He Team Rockets Mario into space and then he kidnaps Peaches Geldof and and Kirby has to save them both. At least that's what my day 2 notes say. I don't believe it either.

After successfully defeating Petey Piranha, Wario appears and blows up the entire stadium. There are no survivors.

End of stage 1. Back to the map I go. Oh, there's a map. This mode has a map, you guys. So then I go into stage two, which stars Pit. He finds Mario and the two of them team up and fight crime together, just like they did in the old days.

Day 3: Tetris Attack

I start with some singleplayer brawls. I encounter Celebi for the first time. I don't know why it's important to explicitly point this out, but the game explicitly pointed it out to me and I feel I have a duty to pass that explicit pointing on to you.

Then I check out the sound test and discover the Tetris Type A music. Awesome. I didn't know they included any Tetris-related content this game. I enjoy that music for a while, and then enter the stage builder and create a stage based on the Soviet mind game. There are tetrominoes all up in here. It's cramped and hard to knock opponents out of, and it would be a great stage to inflict large amounts of damage on if characters weren't constantly holding on to ledges. Oh well.

Day 4: We Like Ike

Oh no, I forgot to adjust my Wii U's clock for Daylight Saving Time. I'll get to that by the end of the week I'm sure. But man, DST. What a load of shit.

Building on what I learned yesterday, I create a level dedicated to building up damage. The top of the stage consists of two large conveyer belts, with two donut lifts in the center. Beneath that is the fully walled area where the fighting takes place. Only when an item falls on one of the donut lifts is there an opening through which a combatant can exit the stage. Until then it's all about building up damage.

Trying out the level Ike achieves peak damage of 461%. I should have checked how much damage I inflicted on the others as well, but I wasn't thinking of that.

Also, love the chants when a particular character is doing really well.

These guys like Ike.
These guys like Ike.

Day 5: Never Playing This Game Again

I copy and edit yesterday's level, reconfiguring so there's only one donut lift. Now it should be more difficult to escape. I set a thirty minute timer and select my custom stage.

So here's what we learned today. It turns out the maximum amount of damage you can inflict is 999%, this game is terrible, and I never want to play it again.

Day 6: Playing This Game Again

Today on The Subspace Emissary, Diddy Kong and Fox McCloud have to work together to defeat Rayquaza and put an end to Bowser's reign. But Bowser was just a shadow clone trophy imposter! Then the real Bowser shows up and tries to shoot our heroes with a shadow arrow. They manage to escape, but for how long?

Also, I managed to unlock Sonic the Hedgehog today. Snake soon?

Day 7: Playing What Again?

I load up Super Smash Bros. and go into 1P mode. I've only beaten the game with one of the default characters, so I decide to tackle the rest. I bring the remaining characters through the stages and face off with Master Hand. Not a huge fan of this game. And maybe it's because I played on easy, but it didn't even unlock any new characters. It's still just the default eight characters and Jigglypuff.

And that's it for week one. See you guys next week, with another Super Smash Bros. Brawl update for you to not read.


#yearofds: Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril

2014 is the Year of DS. Why? Because I said so! The important thing is that I'm blogging.

There have been three DS games released in North America this year so far. Today we'll look at the first and probably least terrible of these releases: Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril.

Was that released this year? Yes, the DS version was. While the console and other portable versions were released last year, the DS version was delayed to February and immediately dumped into the bargain bin. And then I bought it. But hey, I like the Lego games, Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes in particular. I should enjoy this, if the port is in fact any good.

It's not a direct port of the console versions. It's more like the sort of ports we got during the Game Boy Advance era. It follows the story of the console versions, but the levels are shorter and there's no overworld. The levels are viewed from an isometric perspective, but also rendered in 3D which is an unusual choice. There are fewer playable characters. Oh, and you can't jump.

You can't jump.

Some characters can fly, but no characters can jump. You can try to jump. Press the B button and your character dodges. Yeah, that's useful occasionally. But how am I going to cross this short gap? You fly there, that's how. Swipe up on the touch screen and your character will start hovering above the ground and you can cross gaps and reach higher areas and stuff, but it's error prone. Too often my character would fail to respond and I'd get beaten up by enemies as I tried unsuccessfully to get airborne.

And then I die. Unlike other Lego games, you don't immediately respawn with less studs (currency) when you die. You just die, and you have to restart the level over. It's a good thing the levels are short.

Actually, each of the console levels is split into three levels in this version, which is part of why they're so short. There's a world equivalent to a level in the real game, and then three levels in that world. You play through each world, watch the story cutscenes at the beginning and end, and then you reach the next world. Except when you don't.

You'll be seeing a lot of these.
You'll be seeing a lot of these.

Since there's no overworld, it would be too easy to blast through all the levels and beat the game in a single sitting. So developer TT Fusion decided to lock worlds behind gold bricks. You earn gold bricks for completing a level's challenges, of which there are five per level. These are tasks like collecting enough studs, finding the level's minikit, or moving the object that is Stan Lee is currently trapped under. By the time you go into the final level, you will have more than half of all the gold bricks in the game. You have no choice. This means replaying levels several times with different characters and trying to beat levels within the time limit.

I'm starting to think that his brain is no longer in mint condition.
I'm starting to think that his brain is no longer in mint condition.

At the beginning and end of each level are the same cutscenes from the console versions. It appears that the developers used a mobile phone camera to record these scenes from a TV running the console version of the game. They are not of good quality, and there are times when it's not clear what's going on. Aside from character grunts and Stan Lee's "Excelsior!", these are the only voiced parts in the game. But even with the volume turned up all the way, the voices are not very loud. But at least the story is there.

I give it, I dunno, three stars? Not a great game, not terrible. I do still want to play the console version, which I suspect is much more enjoyable. I'm also considering playing all DS games that end up releasing this year, because my pain might make for decent entertainment. Later, duders.


It's Tuesday

I've been following GameSpot, reading and listening to Ryan Davis for more than seven years. I have a lot of respect for Ryan and Jeff, otherwise I wouldn't be here. But I never realized how much Ryan meant to me until July 8, 2013, when I learned that he had passed away.

I’m going to miss Ryan’s stories, his laughter, and his enthusiasm. He loved to do what he did, and we loved him.

Whether you agreed with him or not, it was always fun listening to Ryan talk about... anything, really. Video games, food, drinks, whatever. Even while others were talking, the insight and humour he added to the conversation were always welcome. He was also a talented writer, but alas he didn't get to use that skill much at Giant Bomb.

Back in the GameSpot days I would use wget to download The HotSpot in multiple parts over a dial-up connection. I loved the HotSpot, and I did what I needed to be done to get my weekly fix. But something was messed up either on my end or on GameSpot's end, and the audio file I downloaded would skip, repeat, and do other stuff you don’t expect from an MP3. When Ryan said dumb stuff, my download process would repeat it several times just for me. I appreciate it more now than I did back then.

I’m impressed how much love for Ryan the entire gaming community has shown in response to his passing. Of course he's played a key role in the Giant Bomb crew and matters a lot to us here. And it's not surprising to see Double Fine and Harmonix react. But I’m also seeing responses from old GameSpot friends who aren't members here, Ubisoft, Amazon Video Games, Ouya, and more. Ryan Davis was a trending topic worldwide on Twitter. It's a huge response, and well deserved.

Farewell, Ryan Davis. We'll miss the hell out of you.

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Want to edit from a mobile device? Now you can. (Android only)

If you use an Android device, you can now use it to edit Giant Bomb.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Install Firefox if you do not have it already.
  2. Launch Firefox and install the Stylish extension.
  3. With the extension installed and enabled, install my Giant Bomb mobile edit button style.

That's your inital setup, which you only have to once. Now, let's say you're on the go and you want to edit the Giant Bomb wiki. Here's what you do.

  1. Use Firefox to navigate to Giant Bomb and select Request Desktop Site from the menu. This will kick you back to the home page if you're not already there.
  2. Navigate to the page you want to edit the same way you normally would on your device.
  3. Hit the big old edit button at the top to enable editing mode.
  4. Tap the save button to expand the save form, optionally enter a comment, then tap the real save button.

Editing is not optimized for mobile devices. The WYSIWYG editor does not work as well as it does on your computer, the save button might get in your way, you may need to rotate your device landscape orientation to access the real save button, and various other things could be broken. Clearly it was disabled for a reason. But it should work fine for simple tasks, which is probably the reason you'd want to edit on a mobile device in the first place.

Unfortunately, it is only available for Firefox for Android at this time. Other browsers do not support extensions or custom styles. If you wish to continue using a different browser, you can use Flashify to open your current URL in Firefox whenever you need to. Requesting the desktop site will send you back to the Giant Bomb home page, so when that happens just press the back button and refresh the page to see the edit button.

A better solution may appear in the future, but for now hopefully you'll find this satisfactory.


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