My Favorite games of All-Time!

The following are a list of my favorite games of all-time and why.

(Games in no partcular order)

More games incoming. Check back for additions to my list:)

List items

  • Skies of Arcadia was my very first experience with an RPG, and what an amazing experience it was. I loved my dreamcast (possibly my favorite console of all-time) and having experienced Arcadia on it was like discovering the fantastic combination of choclate and peanut butter together for the first time.

    To this day, I still hold out hope for a sequel. So much so I bought Valkyrie Chronicles for the PS3 because of the appearance of the Arcadia characters.

    I remember getting extremely excited for the release of Grandia II on the Dreamcast because I believed all RPG's would be as fantastic as Skies. It was not to be. Grandia II was good, but couldn't live up to the high standards Arcadia set for me.

  • Halo was my first experience with a FPS. When I first purchased my original Xbox on release day, I had zero interest in Master Chief or his game. What game did I purchase on day one? Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2x. I had zero experience with the series but heard all the hype surrounding it, so that was my numero uno choice.

    I ended up playing the demo of Halo after all the hype for the game became deafening. I was instantly hooked. I immediately went to ebay and puchased a copy. I must have played through that demo a half dozen times, waiting for my game to arrive.

    Playing through Halo for the first time was one of those life changing moments in gaming you experience very rarely and I hope to again have an experience like that again.

  • I had no experience with the Blood Omen series and knew nothing about Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver when it came out. But wanting something new to experience on my Dreamcast and seeing great reviews for Soul Reaver, I picked it up. Boy was I glad I did. I feel in love with the story and gameplay. I found the voice work to be amazing and wanted to know more about those who played the characters.

    I so wanted a sequel to this game, which eventually came out, but for PC, or another system I didn't own at the time and never got around to playing it. Sadly I doubt the sequel would hold up today. At least I have my memories of just how fantastic this first one was.

  • Holy Sh@t! I loved my experience with this game. I had played GTA:III and understood how fantastic that game was, but when Vice City came out and basically gave me the chance to play though an never ending episode of Miami Vice set in the 80's, I was in heaven.

    Vice City may forever remain my favorite GTA game. Although, with any luck, Rockstar's follow-up to GTA:V will be a return to Vice City:)

  • One of the first PC games I got an opportunity to experience and was I ever blown away. That initial level on Liberty Island is one of my favorite gaming experiences of all time. So many options available to you and everyone of them a fantastic experience. I have gone back over the years many times just to play through that opening sequence again and again because I love the feel.

    The second game was a huge disappointment, but Human Revolution really brought the series back to it's early glory.

    I would love to see an updated remake of this classic.

  • My god Rockstar really knows how to make an Oscar worthy game:) The story to Redemption is easily one of the greatest stories you can experience in a game. You really care about the characters and what's going to happen to them. I never wanted Redemption to end.

    The first time I was riding my horse on the open range and a thunderstorm began, I honestly felt like I was experiencing a thunderstorm from my childhood, growing up in Oklahoma. Yes, it was that realistic.