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NieR : Automata may have a top 5 soundtrack

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Best of 2010

MaKiNbAcoN: Best of 2010

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  • Incredible open world. Epic story. Even though it maybe "Grand Theft Horsey" Rockstar retools their game play to work to perfection.

  • The best 3D platformer ever made, though it doesn't add anything new to that Super Mario Galaxy did not.

  • While it maybe a Zelda a rip off. It also is something that people were looking for a darker take to that style of gameplay. It does it a bit button mashey but it works for the style of game.

  • While the differences from the IW developed games is apparent, Treyarch does a great job of making a call of duty game that makes minor changes. The changes are subtle to the formula that keep you going. Great competitive multilayer, single player is a little above average.

  • Buggy, but the fact that you can go back even though it is so broken says something about the story and gameplay. It is starting to show it's age....just in time for Bethesda to announce a new ES game.