GOTY 2017

While 2017 was a terrible year for, well everything, the one thing that kept it from being a total disaster was how amazing the games were. While unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to finish many of the games on this list (Damn you Persona 5, Nioh and Destiny 2 for literally sapping hundreds of hours from my life) that doesn’t stop them from being my favorites/ best of the year.

Before we get to the actual list, the games that were just outside the top 10 are:

* Injustice 2

* Everybody’s Golf

* Resident Evil 7/ Biohazard

* Yakuza 0

* Splatoon 2

* Super NES/ Super Famicom Classic

Now on with the show!

List items

  • I see a lot of people complaining that this game is no Persona 4. While I agree with that statement, that is exactly why this game is so good. Instead of going straight rehash of what made 4 so good, Atlus shoved enough styyyyyyyle in this game to choke a Yosuke. A fantastic and compelling story about #teens and a bunch of shitty adults, some of the best music ever in a video game and of course the superb dating aspect (I dated four amazing women, you have no right to judge me!) all overcome a lot of unlikable characters. 130 hours later, it’s my favorite game. The game has a talking cat that constantly tells you to go to sleep, what other game can say that?

  • I didn’t enjoy the Alpha. I didn’t enjoy the Beta. I didn’t expect to enjoy the final game at all but still gave it a shot because of Team Ninja. What I found was an amazing and extremely difficult game that exceeded all my expectations and moved Nioh all the way to number two for my games of 2017. Team Ninja does a fantastic job of making a souls-like while not exactly being a souls-like (I.e. it’s fast). Fast, responsive and challenging game play that can be frustrating at times but feels rewarding when everything clicks. The thing that pushes this game over-the-top is the historically inaccurate story that crams real figures from history (looking at you Edward Kelley, John Dee, Nobunaga, and Yasuke the first black Samurai!) into a violent period drama. Also another game with a super cat, this time it’s also a clock!

  • I’m sure I’m one of the few self proclaimed sane people that enjoyed both the original NieR and the Drakengard series so before this game even came out, it was a no-brainer that I would love it. Once Plantinum was announced to be doing the combat this instantly moved to the top of my most anticipated games list. A game that makes you want to play it, let alone finish it multiple times is a hard thing to find and NieR does that so effortlessly it makes my blindfolded eyes spin. Do androids dream of wearing maid costumes? Yes, yes they do. P.s. the combat isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

  • Magical. A joy. Amazing. These were some of the things I said out loud when describing Mario Odyssey. Some of the most enjoyable hours I spent this year were playing this, dare I say, masterpiece? We also now have confirmation that Mario is not human but in fact some strange, tiny man-baby, mustachioed hybrid thing. Hey Guys, Nintendo still knows how to make amazing games.

  • Guerrilla Games only make gray and brown first person shooters... Or so everyone will have you believe. As someone who has had an area named after them in Killzone 2 (You should really search for Malik Back Alleys) I think I know quite well how good of a studio Guerrilla is. This was my favorite open world of the year. I just had so much fun learning about the state of the world while shooting robot dinosaurs that I just wanted to stare at to figure out how all the moving parts fit together. Did I mention that the gameplay is amazing?

  • I didn’t finish Twilight Princess, I didn’t finish Skyward Sword and I didn’t finish Breath of the wild. The difference is Breath of the Wild is an excellent game with so much stuff to do that I just couldn’t find the time to finish it. Games like this make me curse my collector’s mindstate and my inability to move on while there is still so much to do in a world. This was not what I expected in a Zelda game. If you would have told me that I would love an open world Zelda game with punishing mechanics and minimalist story telling, I would tell you that you are probably someone that thinks Mario Sunshine is the best Mario game.

  • Another game that I didn’t finish but I can say that I played this Assassin’s Creed game more than I ever played any other Ass Creed game. That definitely counts for something. Playing super cop in Egypt while using my drone eagle and shooting assholes in the crotch with my super bow hasn’t gotten old yet

  • Harada knows what he is doing so he can wear whatever the hell he wants whenever he wants. The most fun I had with a Tekken game since playing 2 in high school and my top fighting game of the year. Maybe Capcom should have worked with Harada in making Street Fighter V a good game instead of collaborating on Street Fighter x Tekken all those years ago.

  • Wastedondestiny dot com tells me I played this game for 338 hours, easily the most time I spent on any game this year. So why is this game 9 on my list? Ask anyone that plays a lot of Destiny and they will be happy to tell you about the love/ hate relationship they have with the game. A game that plays great but makes you hate yourself every second you play it.

  • The game doesn’t pull any punches and gives you a kick in the balls right off the bat. A lot of times hard to watch, the engrossing story makes me want to keep playing but the game play (and playing on a higher difficulty than I should) has kept me from finishing it. I wish it played better...