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Heartbreaking Disappointment 0

Let me preface this review by saying that Star Fox is one of my all-time favorite franchises.  I remember getting the original for my 12th birthday.  I remember running right for it at my first E3 in 1997.  And I remember waiting at my local game store for 2 hours a couple weeks later for it to show up.  With all of that said, Star Fox Assault hurts.  It had the potential to be so much, but it is a disappointment to say the least.  The game starts off feeling like it's predecessors and trie...

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Yep... That's Metal Gear Solid. 0

One of the greatest games of all time has been remade for the Gamecube.  The Twin Snakes is a remake of Metal Gear Solid for the PlayStation, which was released in 1998.  Don't expect a complete overhaul like Capcom did for Resident Evil on the Cube, because Twin Snakes is eerily precise when it comes to the details of the storyline and level design.  From the word go, you'll constantly be thinking "Hey...I've done this before."  And you have.  That's the real drawback to the game, because ...

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If It Ain't Broke, Just Add Multiplayer 3

When word first came out that Nintendo had assigned a no-name studio somewhere in Texas the task of taking Metroid into 3D, and that it would be first-person, many fans cringed at the idea. Two years ago, Retro Studios delivered what no one thought they could.  Metroid Prime is arguably the best game on the GameCube.  It's not my personal choice, but its greatness cannot be denied.  The sequel is more of what everyone loved in the first one.  It is the epitome of "if it ain't broke, don't f...

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Put Down the Racquets and Putters, It's Time to Hit the Diamond 0

I've been looking forward to this game for quite a while.  First off, Mario Baseball is not MVP Baseball 2005.  This Namco-developed baseball game is a throwback to the classic games of 15-20 years ago.  It has a simplistic surface, but features the depth and addictive multiplayer we've become accustomed to in Tennis, Golf, and especially the Kart series.  Mario Superstar Baseball does come with its own set of flaws that hold it back from being a truly great arcade baseball game, but with o...

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A Highly Polarizing, Unique Experience 0

Killer 7 is truly one of the most bizarre games I have ever played.  Not bizarre like Katamari or Rez, but an all new kind of bizarre.  Describing it by comparing it to any other game would prove difficult, so I won't even try.  Killer 7 is so different from anything else that I actually had a feeling of "am I even playing this right?" at times.  Do not take this negatively though, as Killer 7, while admittedly not for everyone, is a breath of fresh air in a world of cookie-cutter games.  E...

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Great Idea, Mediocre Execution 0

The genre of First-Person Shooters is flooded to say the least.  Most developers take a cookie-cutter approach these days, which is why Geist, while not the best FPS by any means, is a welcome breath of fresh air on the genre.  In Geist, you play as John Raimi, a scientist in a special forces unit set to take down the Volks Corporation.  Volks is a subterranean labratory where many highly volitile experiments take place.  Your squad is sent in to obtain evidence and shut 'em down, but of co...

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No, YOU Carry the Bucket! 0

After over a decade of silence, Square has returned to Nintendo with what is easily the most highly debated game for the GameCube as of late.  Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles takes a stab at something new and people are either loving it or screaming bloody murder about it.  The concept is a multi-player RPG experience where each player uses their Game Boy Advance as a controller.  The GBA doubles as a menu screen so you never have to pause the action.  The GBA screen has everything from yo...

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Helping Start the Wave of Plastic Musical Instruments 0

Donkey Konga is what some people would call a "gimmick game."  Fans of this genre simply refer to it as a rhythm game.  Whether it's a dance pad, rattling maracas, a strange plastic guitar, or bongo drums, all of these games are based on the fact that they are simple to learn and simultaneously difficult to master.  Anyone can beat on a drum, but do you have the hand-eye coordination to keep up with a song's notes?  If Donkey Konga's main objective was to be one of these unique, fun experie...

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Not-Quite-20th Anniversary Celebration 0

Those of you old enough to remember playing the original Metroid (kindergarten graduation!), will notice many references to the original and also recognize many of the locales.  But don't think the game is over with Mother Brain, because it's not.  This is no simple remake.  It seems that in the grand story of Samus Aran, the original NES Metroid was a summarized version of history while Zero Mission goes into a little more detail about what happened before, during, and after the Mother Bra...

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An Excellent Farewell to Sprite-based Zelda 0

The Minish Cap is the first and likely will be the only original Zelda game for the Game Boy Advance.  Any chance of ever putting the Zelda series in some semblance of chronological order has long dissolved, and Minish Cap proves that.  The game gives yet another take on the land of Hyrule by mixing elements from almost every single Zelda game of old.  Hyrule Castle is of course present, as is the Lon Lon Ranch.  Link's house, where he lives with his uncle of course, is still just south of t...

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RPG = Role-Playing Golf 0

Mario Golf Advance Tour comes to us from Camelot, the creators of Golden Sun, Mario Tennis, and Shining Soul/Force.  You may not know them by name, but you've probably played their games.  All of them tend to have one thing in common...they kick ass.  Mario Golf Toadstool Tour on the Cube felt like a glass half empty to me, but with Advance Tour the glass is overflowing.  The front of the box says "Role Playing Golf" and they aren't joking.  Advance Tour is a combination of RPG elements in ...

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The Definition of a Bad Port 0

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past two years, you've heard of the great PC game called Mafia featuring a 1930's Chicago-esque city where you play as a man (Tommy Angelo) who gets drawn into working for the mob. Times are tough during the depression and desparate men like Tommy will do just about anything to support their family. Well, close to two years later we now have the PS2 version of the same game...or is it? Many games don't port very well from PC to console, and this is ...

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